Send Your Gifts to the Oldest Inhabited Areas of Our World

The In-Kind Gifts Program of Helping Hand for Relief & Development
(HHRD), By the Grace of Allah SWT and kind support by patrons like
you, has been saving lives and enhancing lives of hundreds & thousands
since 2008.
Severe drought of late July 2011 was followed by December 20th, 2011,
heaviest rains in 57 years, resulting in unprecedented flooding, that
devastated many areas of the largest city of Tanzania Dar es Salaam and
other regions around it. These floods and earlier drought affected an
estimated 15.4 million people with over 8 million needing urgent life-
saving humanitarian assistance.
Thousands of these people are still in dire needs and with HHRD having
established a vetted partnership in Tanzania. For this purpose, our team
has come up with the following list of most needed items and collecting
them at all the Nine (9) In-Kind Gifts Centers across USA:
- Foods (Cereals with good source of energy꞉ Maize, Rice, Sugar, sorghum, Millet / Granola & Honey-Oats Bars / Protein Sourced Food: Beans, Cowpeas, Pigeon Peas / Tinned Fruits and Vegetables / Cooking Oil, Groundnuts); - Non Food (Hygiene-Kits / New & Used Clean Good Condition Clothes / Mosquito Nets / Good Condition Shoes / New Socks / Clean Mattresses / Usable House Utensils / Good Condition Furniture, etc); - Multi-Vitamins and Minerals (Expiration Date 14 months); - Medical Equipment & Supplies (Binocular Microscopes, preferable Olympus eyepiece with pointer / Teaching Microscope / Calorimeter / Spectrophotometer / ELISA Machine / Washer / Water bath with temperature control / Standard Incubator / Carbon dioxide incubator / Horizontal Head Centrifuge, electrical & hand operating / Angle Head Centrifuge / Micro-Haematocrit Centrifuge / Autoclave / Oven / pH-Meter / TDS Meter / Water Distiller / Analytical Balancer (0.01mg to 160 gm) / Top Loaded Balancer (100gms to 1600gms) / Refrigerator (1oC to 10oC) / Freezers / Bunsen Burners / Haemacue Hemoglobin Analyzer and their Cuvettes / Haemocytometer Counting Chamber (Improved Neubeur Chamber and their cover glasses) / White Blood Cell Counting Pipettes / Red Blood Cells Counting Pipettes / Stands for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) / ESR Pipettes / Histological Staining Bottles / Tissue Sectioning machine (Rotary Microtome and their Accessories) / Medical Beds & Mattresses / Wheel-Chairs / Crutches / Sanitary Pads; - Medicines (Anti-Malarials, like Arthementher / Lumefantmine (Alu) / Fansider – Anti-Fungal, like Ketoconazole Tabs / Fluconazole Tabs / Greseofulvin Tabs / Clotrimazole Cream / Daktarine Oral Gel Miconazole 9 / Whitefield Ointment / Nystatin Oral Suspension / Gentrisone Cream - Antibacteriasis – Antibiotics, like Ammoxillin Caps, Septrin Caps, Duliolax, Ampillux, Power IEF (injection-able), Amoxllav - Medicine for Treating Worms, like Mebendazole, Athendazole, Ketrax - Antipsychotic Drugs – Laxatives, like Dull Lax;

Source: http://www.hhrd.org/pdf/in-kind/tanzania/2012-Tanzania-In-Kind-Gifts-List-Of-Items.pdf

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