Are your hormones out of balance

Are Your Hormones Out of Balance?
By Jackie Harvey
While drug companies, politicians, doctors and health gurus argue what is in the best interest of women’s health, women themselves are rarely given a voice in the hormonal health debate, an arena that sees women the casualties of exploitation and victims of political agendas.
Women’s hormonal chal enges are big business in the healthcare industry. This explains why female baby boomers are led to believe menopause is a disease that requires drug therapies (e.g. HRT) for the rest of our lives. Until recently, rarely has it been declared that these drugs carry significant side effects, all too often negating any benefit.
Overcoming hormone challenges becomes very important to al women. These health chal enges all too often begin in the early teen years and usually do not subside on their own as a woman ages.
A new theory being discussed amongst women is the theory of Estrogen Dominance. Estrogen Dominance is a term coined by the late John R. Lee, M.D., author of a number of books on the topic of women’s hormones. The theory describes a condition where a woman can have deficient, normal or excessive estrogen but has little or no progesterone to balance its effects in the body. Even a woman with low estrogen levels can have estrogen dominance symptoms if she doesn’t have any progesterone. Basical y estrogen dominance reflects hormones that have gone out of balance. Out of balance hormones can affect women from 14 to 94.
How do we become estrogen dominant? Our food chain is laced with toxic pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones – a sea of endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body. If we are overweight, our body’s store of excess fat can be converted into estrogen. Insulin resistance also leads to estrogen dominance.
Estrogen dominance also occurs in men. As men age, estrogen gradually rises, while saliva levels of progesterone and testosterone gradually fall. We often find men of fifty-five having higher saliva estrogen levels than women of fifty-five!A clear sign of estrogen dominance in men is the tendency for some to develop breasts. This indicates that these men may be low in progesterone and testosterone.
An imbalance of hormones in our bodies results in all sorts of hormone-related health problems such as PMS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infertility, post-partum depression, weight gain, increased blood clotting, thyroid dysfunction, even breast and uterine cancer in women and in men breast cancer, prostate problems and prostate cancer.
Dr. Cavalieri, Professor at the Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases, and his team at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha are on the brink of discovering that almost all human cancers found in Western civilization have the same origin – ESTROGEN! Estrogen, according to Dr. Cavalieri, is an initiator and promoter of cancer.
Estrogen Dominance can be detected by taking a saliva test. Rarely available from medical doctors, this simple very accurate test can reveal hormone levels. Men can also take this simple at-home test to determine if their hormones are out of balance predisposing them to hormone challenges.
A saliva test will reveal hormone levels and either move a man or woman to take action to bring balance to their own hormones or cause them to sit back and reflect on their good hormone health. It is suggested that those over the age of 50 take a saliva test annual y to keep track of their hormone levels.
Men and women who experience hormone imbalance feel unwell – bringing
balance to their hormones is often a key to their wellness. Using drug therapies
is not the answer! There are safe natural alternatives available. Since most
North Americans are Estrogen Dominant not estrogen deficient as we have been
told – lowering estrogen levels becomes very important. Women and men must
become more informed about their own hormone health.
For more information about a 5-step program to balance your hormones and for the Saliva Test Kit information are available by calling Dr. Sloan at 519-429—3883(Simcoe office) , 905-433-9520(Oshawa office), 1-877-233-6662(toll-free) or email us at Jackie Harvey is a nutritional speaker who shares her interest and
information on hormone health throughout North America in her popular
“Let’s Talk About Hormones” seminar. Visit her website at for a schedule of events in your area and for more
information about her excellent 1-hour video “Let’s Talk About Hormones
with Jackie Harvey”.



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