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217 Hostetter Lane | Lancaster, PA 17602-4083 | h 717.396.9842; m 717.808.6071
A procurement, project management and design engineering professional with 20+ years of senior-level experience, I have extensive expertise in developing strategic procurement, contract management, and sourcing solutions, while also possessing exceptional leadership ability in interacting effectively at all levels of an organization, from line personnel to senior management. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Demark, Inc., 1000 Essington Road, Joliet, IL 60435 Sr. Supply Engineer (Consultant to Exelon Wind, LLC a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, 4601
Westown Pkwy, Suite 300, West Des Moines, IA 50266)
Provided support for procurement of professional services and technical products for multiple existing and new
build wind farms nationally.
Special Projects (Developing, implementing, and providing oversight of Project Specific Pricing Sheets, Project Sourcing and Staffing Plans, and Project TSA Exhibits) Exelon Corporation, various divisions, locations and positions Exelon Generation Company, Nuclear, Kennett Square, PA and Cantera, IL Manager, Nuclear Project Management
Represented Exelon’s Nuclear Business Unit as Manager for the Corporate Project Management Office (PMO)
Control’s Group. Project Manager and Co-Lead for a Nuclear Cross Functional Fleet Wide Cost Estimating
Initiative. Project Manager for the Midwest Plant’s Passport Social Security Remediation Project (approx. $1
million), and PassPort Clearance and Tagging Project (approx. $4.5 million).
Social Security Remediation Project: Removed social security numbers’ visibility within PassPort. Clearance and Tagging project: Implementing PassPort’s Equipment Tag Out and standardizing the Clearance & Tagging procedure in the Midwest. As a next step, the project team will implement the entire PassPort system in the Midatlantic region, helping Exelon Nuclear achieve its vision of being the best worldwide operator of nuclear plants by enabling standard work practices that leverage the same tools, information and reporting. Upon completion of the merger with PSE&G, project team will implement the entire PassPort system again within the Salem / Hope Creek plants (approx. $40 million; plan completed, project cancelled) Manager and Co-Lead for Cross Functional Fleet Wide Cost Estimating Initiative. Acting manager for Nuclear PM Control’s Group. Exelon Energy Delivery / PECO, Philadelphia, PA Manager, Supply Operations, Exelon Business Services Company (BSC)
Manager of the PECO Electric Shop at Oregon, in support of Exelon’s Energy Delivery (75%) and Exelon
Generation (25%).
Provided management and oversight of this shop that inspects, repairs and rebuilds electrical power equipment including substations, circuit breakers, transformers and lightning arrestors. Annual budget was approximately $2M per year and was a charge back / bill out. Supervised union employees, including a Foreman, six First Class Electrical Technicians, three Tool Mechanics and two Helper Class Utility Workers in Oregon Shop and Berwyn locations. Performed and developed material for my Management Review Meetings, Performance Indicator Reviews, Budget Reviews and Employee Performance Reviews. Exelon / PECO, Mid Atlantic Regional Operating Group (MAROG), Kennett Square, PA Sr. Category Manager & Mid Atlantic Strategic Supply Lead, BSC Supply
Procured a Steam Generator and its Replacement Services for Exelon’s Three Mile Island Generating Station,
Reactor Services, Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) including storage canisters, Spent Fuel
Pool Re-Rack Installations, Turbines and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Alliance Agreement
Procurements for Exelon’s Nuclear Fleet.
Delivered savings through strategic sourcing, leveraged purchases, cash management, inventory optimization, standardization and process improvement. Developed and managed supplier relationships to maintain high performance, meet business unit operational goals, conduct joint process improvements, gain market intelligence and ensure competitive pricing. —
Ensured material availability in accordance with the nuclear plant’s work management procedures as well as managing price escalation. Partnered and educated the nuclear fleet business units regarding the strategic sourcing process, protecting their interests and minimizing their risks, particularly in regards to Sarbanes Oxley compliance for risk reduction. Developed performance-based contracts that rewarded or penalized suppliers’ ability to meet Exelon's business needs. Participated in a team in successfully completing the development, negotiations and implementation of Alliance Agreements to effectively manage major original equipment manufacturers (OEM) suppliers to meet the needs of Exelon at optimal cost. Created an environment where Exelon and its affiliates proactively engage in business in a coordinated and effective manner across the entire enterprise. Established supplier competitive intelligence capability and infrastructure within Exelon, pursuing appropriate business strategies to maximize performance and reduce overall cost. Created common performance indicators for suppliers across the enterprise. Negotiated cost savings for multiple nuclear facilities, resulting in $6.5M savings for spent fuel storage casks, procuring spent fuel cask and creating infrastructure resulting in a negotiated cost savings of $8.1M. Procured engineering and design for the installation of new Jet Pump Weld-less Hold-down Beam Assemblies resulting in a negotiated savings of $.5M. Negotiated a credit in the amount of $6,000.00 per weld-less assembly which equals the price of engineering and design. Procured all labor, supervision, materials, tools and equipment required to perform NDE for the ISI, FAC, and Turbine projects at the Three Mile Island (TMI) Generating Station for the fall 2001 Refueling Outage. Negotiated savings of 10% ($150,000). Procured engineering, design and repair of TMI’s reactor vessel nozzles. Reviewed proposals and facilitated a scope revision that resulted in a $500,000 price adjustment. Procured fabrication and installation of the TMI reactor vessel replacement closure head. Negotiated a cost savings of $1.5M and an option to procure at a substantial savings a Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG). Procured an improvement in the accuracy of the Unit 2 & 3 feedwater flow measurement and calorimetric calculations to support a 1.75 thermal power uprate resulting in a negotiated cost savings of $1M per unit. Negotiated same cost savings opportunity for up to 10 additional Exelon Nuclear Facilities. Responsibility for supplier diversity initiatives for all of GENCO (Nuclear Generation, Power Generation), including corporate reporting. Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Delta, PA Sr. Purchasing Agent, Supply Sourcing Services Group (06/96 – 09/00)
Provided purchasing functions for PBAPS’s Contract Management Group, Chesterbrook’s Engineering Group and AmerGen’s TMI, Clinton and Oyster Creek Management. Performed Sourcing Services for an average of 100 service purchase orders annually with an individual range of value up to $50 million each. Provided Sourcing Services support for FRG and SAMAP with presentations to the senior management team while seeking authorization to proceed with the award of large dollar expenditures for services. Collaborated with support organizations such as Legal and Insurance departments to represent the best interests of PECO. Provided continuous Supply Sourcing Services support through contract management for internal PECO customers. Examples include TMI & Clinton Power Station Turbine Retrofits and Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility Installation & Cask Fabrication at PBAPS and Oyster Creek. GILBERT L. JONES, C.P.M., A.P.P.
Developed departmental Business Plan / Business Challenge initiatives for implementation as a departmental team. Developed and maintained a qualified nuclear service supplier pool, evaluating existing and new suppliers
via business / plant visits while coordinating with my internal PECO customers. page 2
Led PECO internal customer cross-functional teams for procurements such as Spent Fuel Storage Casks and Facilities, Overhead Crane Services, Relief Valve Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services and Grounds Maintenance promoting the understanding and integration of service purchase orders at multiple PECO Energy and AmerGen sites. Collaborated with multiple Business Units to improve efficiency and cost savings. Developed and implemented strategic sourcing strategy to reduce the final cost of materials and services with minimal risk to PECO while providing opportunity, training and development to Small, Minority, Woman, and Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprises (SMWDVOBE). Sr. Analyst (Materials Coordinator/Buyer), Materials Management Group (8/89 – 6/96)
Set priorities on material requested through procurement engineering, purchasing, storeroom expediting, QC and Receipt Inspection departments. Met daily with the Nuclear Plant Operations and Maintenance Management to review scheduled work and identify material shortages that might impact plant operability or safety. During nuclear refueling outages, meet with the Outage Management Group to identify critical path work restrained by material shortages. Developed several material tracking databases to facilitate plant work orders, maintenance priorities and engineering accountability. Interacted daily with material coordinators of various plant departments to obtain plant status updates to coordinate and prioritize purchase orders within the Materials Department. Developed, implemented and maintained computerized tracking system to identify and monitor material held under the material corrective action program (M-CAPP). Tracked items conditionally released under the M-CAPP program to ensure their removal from the plant if necessary. Developed and maintained a material status report to identify the number of items / work orders existing with material restraints. This report also provided the number of action items existing within the various material group departments at any given time and was used to develop the monthly station report to the VP. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Plant Support – Engineering (PSE) (2/7/96 – 10/04/96)
Served on the Joint Utility Task Group (JUTG) for Procurement Information Exchange between Utility procurement, quality assurance and engineering personnel with the emphasis on reducing Operating and Maintenance cost associated with the procurement of materials and services. Plant Support Engineering (PSE) (7/13/95 – 10/31/96)
Served on a Task Group that prepared “Packaging, Shipping, Storage and Handling Guidelines for Nuclear Power Plants.” Bechtel Corporation, various divisions, locations and positions
Senior Start-up Engineer (Philadelphia Electric Co.); Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (BWR) Outage;
Planner / Coordinator, Delta, PA (8/87 – 8/89)
Outage Systems Planner for Unit 2 NSSS (Nuclear Steam Supply Systems): Used PREMIS (Project Resource Evaluation and Management Information System, SPF (System Productivity Facility) parameters and CHAMPS (Computerized History and Maintenance Planning System) to develop a daily work schedule and logical sequences for integrated systems work activities including blocking, OVFs (Operating Verification Forms), MATs (Modification Acceptance Test), ST’s (Surveillance Test) and resource allocation. Senior Construction Engineer (Florida Power and Light); Turkey Point Unit’s 3 & 4 (BWR), Florida City, FL
(11/86 – 8/87)
Responsible for the disposition of NCRs associated with the Small Bore Pipe Walk-down Program. NCRs were dispositioned by designing new piping supports or by modifying existing piping supports. Performed back-up calculations to support the direction taken by the dispositions. GILBERT L. JONES, C.P.M., A.P.P.
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (Mississippi Power and Light); Grand Gulf Nuclear Station (BWR) Plant
Modification / Construction
(6/86 – 11/86)
Seconded to the Field Engineering Group for Refueling Outage # 1. Developed work plans, performed material takes offs and field inspections of field work performed and resolved problems that existed with Mech./Pipe design change packages involving new and modified piping, hangers, valves, instruments and equipment installations for various plant systems. Maintenance / Instrumentation & Controls Senior Design Engineer (Public Service Electric and Gas
; Hope Creek Generating Station (BWR) (8/84 – 6/86)
Maintenance Planning Engineer: Assigned to the Plant Betterment & Maintenance Department. Developed, issued and monitored maintenance work packages for (I&C, Mechanical, Civil and HVAC) and processed design change work packages. I & C Systems second shift Engineering Lead: Responsible to resolve instrumentation area and systems problems encountered by PSE&G’s Start-up Department in their effort to ready the facility for fuel loading and pre-operational testing. Sr. Maintenance / Instrumentation & Control Systems Construction Engineer (Consumers Power Company)
Midland Nuclear Facility
(8/83 – 8/84)
Laid out instrument locations, designed instrument tubing routing, determined support types and procured materials required for each work package. Coordinated craft personnel during instrument tubing and instrument support installations for conformance to project documentation and specifications. Senior Piping Design Supervisor (Petroleum Division) Houston Office, Tennessee Eastman’s Carbon
Monoxide Facility
(2/81 – 1/83)
Supervised Piping Drafters, Designers and Checkers involved in the design of a Methyl Acetate Plant required for the Carbon Monoxide Facility. Completed a assignment to ITT Grinnell’s Fabrication Facility at Kernersville, North Carolina resolving their Engineering Department’s piping engineering and design problems that occurred while fabricating pipe spools required for the project mentioned above. Completed a assignment to Kingsport, Tennessee performing field engineering, design and checking of tasks associated with the construction of 2 process units within the project mentioned above. Salem Engineering Corporation, Houston, Sr. Piping Design Checker (Consultant to Brown & Root Corp.)
Union Carbide’s Boiler Modification & Chevron’s Pasagoula Residuum Conversion Project. Checked design of piping layout, elevation, detail and isometric drawings. J. E. Sirrine Corporation, Houston, TX Sr. Piping Design Checker (Consultant)
St. Regis’ Houston Pulp & Paper Mill field assignment to check waste treatment piping design and tie-ins for field installations to 4 new aeration basins and associated pumps. Industrial Design Engineering Associates, Spring, TX Piping Design Construction Engineer (Consultant to Babcock & Wilcox Corp.)
Duke Power’s Oconee Nuclear Station, Seneca, South Carolina. Performed surveys (including walk-downs & sketches) and seismic analysis of pipe and pipe supports on all nuclear safety related systems as required by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S.N.R.C.) I.E. Bulletin No. 79-14. Also inspected and tested all self-drilling concrete expansion anchors per Bulletin No. 70-02. Salem Engineering Corporation, Houston, TX Sr. Piping Design Checker (Consultant to Brown & Root Corp.)
Georgia Pacific Vinyl Chloride Molymar Plant. Utilized design models to check piping design layout for the
chlorinated waste incinerators and boiler, Lucidol Pennwalt’s continuous Perester Plant expansion (field
assignment), Union Carbide’s Boiler Modification & Chevron’s Pasagoula Residuum Conversion Project.
Checked piping design on layout, elevation, detail and isometric drawings.
Heat Research Corp., (Subsidiary of Pullman Kellogg), Houston, TX Supervisor, Piping Design (Consultant)
Instituted the piping design requirements for six in-line process furnaces. Supervised the final layout design for the cracking furnaces, including the fractionators’ transfer piping line, de-super heated steam piping, burner piping and snuffing steam piping. Responsible for the stress analysis required for expansion loop design, pipe support guide and anchor placements. Fluor Engineers and Constructors, Inc. Houston, TX Sr. Piping Designer
Designed the layout of equipment and piping systems for Aramco’s Gas Oil Separator Plants in Uthmania, Saudi Arabia. Note: Promoted to checker upon project completion and transferred to the Irvine California office to finalize the pipe design routing for the SASOL II Coal Gasification facility at Johannesburg, NE, South Africa. Dow Chemical Company, (Engineering & Construction Services), Cleveland, OH Piping Designer
Utilized computer aided drawing (CAD) for isometric piping drawings and piping design requirements for glass lined piping systems and the layout of jacked piping systems with detailed sectional views for the fabrication shop and field installations. Utilized scaled models to check isometric and plant lay-out drawings. Performed plant arrangement, equipment placement, pipe design and pipe support placement utilizing a scaled model. Designed nozzle locations on fractionation columns, pressure vessels, storage tanks and pumps. The plants involved included a Ethylene unit in Freeport Texas, Caustic Plant in Bancock, Thailand (metric), S.F.R.P. Styrene Plant in Midland, Michigan and Hydrogen Recovery Unit in Knoxville, Tennessee. Walker-Williams Assoc., Engineering Services, Division of the Registry, Cleveland, OH Piping Draftsman (Consultant to Dow Chemical)

Created isometric shop fabrication drawings from plant plot plans, plant lay-out, plant arrangement and
equipment location plans, sections and detail drawings. The plants involved included a Ethylene unit in
Freeport Texas, Caustic Plant in Bancock, Thailand (metric), S.F.R.P. Styrene Plant in Midland, Michigan
and Hydrogen Recovery Unit in Knoxville, Tennessee. page 5

H. K. Ferguson Company, Cleveland, OH
Piping Draftsman
Created isometric shop fabrication drawings from plant plot plans, plant lay-out, plant arrangement and equipment location plans, sections and detail drawings. The plants involved included Anheiser Busch’s Grass-Roots Brewery, Goodyear’s Rubber Processing Plant Expansion and the South Minnesota’s Beet Sugar Processing Facility.
Certificate of Achievement – Project Management Professional Program (9/21/06 thru 2/22/07) DeVry University Certificate of Achievement – Project Management Professional Review (3/1/07 thru 3/15/07) DeVry University Bachelor of Engineering Degree – Widener University, Chester, PA (2001) Associate of Engineering – Widener University, Chester, PA (1999) Certified Purchasing Manager – Penn State University, York, PA (1998) Exelon’s Supervisory Leadership Program (SLP) 2002 – Currently have red badge clearance meeting all requirements for Nuclear Unescorted Access to PBAPS, LGS, TMI, and Oyster Creek RECOMMENDED by RHR International – Executive Assessment Process for promotion and measurement of future executive success (2005) Project Management Fundamentals – Penn State University – Certificate of Achievement (8/00) PECO’s Supervisory Assessment Orientation Program rating: RECOMMENDED National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM): Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) NAPM / ISM Training: Developing a Framework For Excellence. Purchasing Policy and Business Practice Management; Contract Development and Management; Purchasing Self-Audit and Performance Review; Achieving Peak Performance When Purchasing Services; Fundamentals of Purchasing Negotiations; Project Management For The Purchasing Professional; Purchasing 2000: New Tools / New Rules; Managing Consulting Service Agreements; Contract Claims and Litigation Avoidance I & II. TRY US Resources, Inc. – Taking M/WBE Supplier Diversity Program to the Next Level (Phase I & II) Integrated Plant Operator (IPO) Training PIMS Training: Planning and Materials Management Passport Training: Procurement and Impromptu Master Purchasing Agreement (MPA) Training Insurance Society of Philadelphia: The Truth Behind Hold Harmless & Indemnity Agreements, Waiver of Subrogation Clauses & Other Insurance Myths; Analysis of Financials; Additional Insureds. Dun & Bradstreet’s Evaluating Supplier Risk Training in the 90s Penn State University’s Effective Writing Course Bechtel’s Supervisory Training (Certificate) Computer Visions’ Advanced Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD IV), (Certificate), Basic Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD IV), (Certificates) AFFILIATIONS
Vice President of the American Association of Blacks in Energy, Philadelphia Chapter (2006 – 2007) Purchasing Management Association of Philadelphia (PMAP), Affiliated with the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM): Director on the Board (2000 – 2002); Chairman of the Minority / Women Business Development Group (1999 – 2000) Edison Electric Institute (EEI): Minority Business Development Executive Committee (2000 – Present); Minority Business Development Committee – M/WBE Supplier Development Team Lead (1998 – 2006) References available upon request.


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