Grateful Paws Dog & Cat Rescue, Inc. A No-Kill, Not for Profit, 501c3 organization AUGUST 2009 Issue #1 (and it is about damn time…) Editor: Jan Milbyer WELCOME TO “THE GRATEFUL PAW” Our first newsletter in almost 3 years -- A little History: Grateful Paws Dog & Cat Rescue, Inc. was founded in January 2006 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are a no-kill, not-for-profit, 501c3 animal rescue organization comprised of a small-but-mighty group of animal loving volunteers and friends who are trying to make a difference to the abandoned, neglected, and abused animals in South Florida. Where do we begin? From day #1, the financial and moral support to Grateful Paws rescue has been boundless. There are so many contributors and supporters and so many volunteers and foster parents who have helped us along the way that have made us as successful as we are. Rather than trying to find the manpower and money to print, fold and put stamps on newsletters, it is our desire to publish this newsletter and distribute it via email, whereby eliminating the costly printing and postage costs. And yes, we are accepting advertisers. We hope you find our newsletter entertaining, informative and worth passing along to your pet loving friends and family. Please pay it forward. WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE DO IT. By choice, we do not have a physical building or a shelter. We prefer to operate under the foster program where the animals we rescue all live in private homes vs. a kennel environment. The animals we rescue fare much better in a home environment than locked in a crate or kennel at a noisy shelter or at an animal hospital. And because they live with us, we are able to speak of the pet’s temperament and behavior patterns, so our pets get adopted sooner and the return rate is minimal. It also means that the animals that are in our care are receiving the very best quality care and attention we can provide. The down side is that we cannot rescue every animal that crosses our path, so we must turn many away. We can only take in a new pet – if we have a foster home in which to place him. It is financial suicide to pay up to $16 a night to board a dog or cat. We are not funded by any state or Federal entity and must rely entirely on donations from folks like you. We’ve been doing this long enough to know that with the thousands of unwanted dog and cats out there, we simply cannot save them all. But we are confidant that we are making a difference by saving them, one animal at a time. Many of the Grateful Paws volunteers and foster moms have been volunteering with me since 2001; Nicolle, Peg, Shanon, Suzanne, Ruth, Else, Charmaine, Ann, Debbie, ~~ it is rewarding to see the role each of us have played in saving animals lives through the years. To those who have been so supportive – thank you. BOARD MEMBERS OUR NEWSLETTER: To be added to our E-newsletter, or to add a friend to our Enews distro, please send an email to: In the subject line. put: THE GRATEFUL PAW. And if you ever desire to be removed from the distro, repeat that process and indicate REMOVE ME PLEASE. IN MEMORY OF… This first newsletter is in memory of Al Babcock, President and founder of Allen Babcock Dog & Cat Rescue who introduced us to the world of rescue and allowed us to do what we do best. I met Al in 2000, after an article by John Groghan, the author of Marley and Me, who wrote an article in the Sun Sentinel about him. At that time, he was a lone individual, rescuing the saddest and sickest of street animals, getting them treated at his own expense at Hollywood Animal Hospital under the skillful guise of Dr. Tom Sessa. Al used to sit in his lawn chair in front of PetsMart in Boca trying to find homes for his dogs and for lack of adoptive homes, was paying to board them out of his own pocket, at Cloverleaf Kennels in North Miami. My elder Dobie dog Spike had just passed and my Joe-Dog was lonely, so I offered to foster for him to save him a couple bucks. Heck, I have a fenced yard, terrazzo floors and a doggie door. He came to the house – we talked… and the rest is history. I, along with Mike Zier, encouraged him to form a not-for-profit corporation. And with great reluctance, he finally did. After having written a local neighborhood newsletter for more than 6 years, it was a no-brainer that I create a pet friendly newsletter aptly named THE SCOOPER and was Editor for almost 6 years. The Scooper was snail- mailed to more than 3,000 people monthly. We bought a tent and some chairs started to do real adoption events. We developed a presence on Petfinder, and all the while, Allen Babcock Dog & Cat Rescue, Inc. was developing a fine and caring reputation in the rescue community. In January 2006, I elected to branch off and form my own group and just about a year later, learned that Al was terminally ill with stomach cancer. This past February was the 2nd year anniversary of Al’s passing. And to Al, to whom we are eternally grateful and who we are sure is up there watching over all of us (but mostly the animals.) We thank you. This first edition is also in memory of :  Terry Jackson, a kind & gentle man who loved all creatures, who is be sorely missed.  Betty Hays, a kind hearted soul who left us far too early.  In honor of OPRAH – who opened millions of people eyes to the horrors of puppy OUR VALUED & CONTINUED SUPPORTERS… (in no particular order) There are so may people worth mentioning. If I have inadvertently left your name off, know that it was not intentional. If you bring it to my attention, I will gladly remedy it in the next issue. Lynn Graczyk – Downtown Opticians Cherise Williams Cheryl Cayer Linda DiNapoli - Hollywood Police Department/Humane Unit Lisa Freed, formerly of the Coral Springs Police Department, Humane Unit Tina Valant –Siebolts, Professional Photographer The Whale Raw Bar & Grill – Danielle & Scottie Williams A Dog’s Best Friend – Tim Mullally Carina Nylander Donna Slowik Hollywood Animal Hospital Animal Medical Clinic of Griffin Road – Tina Smith Friendship Animal Wellness Center – Dr. Carol Falck - Pompano Beach Karen Hobbs-Galles Tom Galles Suzanne Williams Dawn Hanna – Oh Behave Dog Training Marta & Dee DiGirolamo Dr. Tom Sessa – Hollywood Animal Hospital Dr. James Dee – Hollywood Animal Hospital Dr. Irvin – Hollywood Animal Hospital Dr. Alicia Grasso – Hollywood Animal Hospital Dr. Sara Schroeder-Blair (now of Chicago, IL) Dr. Kim Fanning – Hollywood Animal Hospital Amy McCabe – That’s My Puppy Michele Grossman HOW TO DONATE: Grateful Paws Rescue is not funded by grants or Federal or local monies. We exist entirely on donations from people like you. Donations may be made by cash, check or by the secure Paypal link on the main page of our website Checks should be made payable to: Grateful Paws Dog & Cat Rescue or GPDCRI. OUR WISH LIST Rimadyl Future newsletters will contain articles of interest, success stories and articles that will make you smile. Our contact information: GRATEFUL PAWS DOG & CAT RESCUE, INC. 1881 SW 21 Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 Phone: 954-462-8840 ~~ Fax: 1-866-600-5945 We are a No-Kill, Not for Profit Rescue Organization comprised only of volunteers. 100% of your contribution goes toward vet care, food and shelter for the animals in our care and is a tax deduction on your annual income taxes. I am pleased to enclose my tax-deductible gift of $__________ to be used in the care of the animals you rescue. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Grateful Paws Dog & Cat Rescue, Inc. 1881 SW 21 Street ~ Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315-1832 Email:  Phone: 954-462-8840 after 8pm  Fax: 1-866-600-5943 I would like to make a charitable donation: PLEASE CHECK ONE: IN MEMORY OF: ___ IN HONOR OF: ___ DEDICATED TO: ____ RECIPIENT’S NAME: ________________________________________________________________ Sentiment in your words:____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________Donation amount: $ ____________ Yes, I would like a notice sent: Email address: _________________________________________ Mailed to: Name, street address, city, state zip: ________________________________________ ________________________________________________Phone: ( ___)________________________ Donated by (Your name): ________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ___________________ Email: _______________________ Phone: __________________ Cell: ____________________ Thank you for your valuable contribution. Your assistance will help us in the care of abandoned, sick and injured animals.


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