ISSUE DATE 2002-2-27
DESCRIPTION Lithium Ion Battery 603450

1. Applicability

The specification is applicable to GP Lithium Ion Rechargeable
batteries (GP model no. : GP603450L95).

2. Ratings

2.1. Rated voltage

: 3.7 volts.
2.2. Typical capacity
: 950 mAh.
Minimum capacity
: 920 mAh.
2.3. Standard charge
: Constant current at 760 mA with
Max. voltage of 4.2V for 2.5 hours.
2.4. Standard discharge
: Constant current at 190 mA to 2.8V.
2.5. Maximum charge current
2.6. Maximum discharge current : 1900 mA.
2.7. Operating temperature
: 0 - 45oC (charge).
60oC (discharge).
2.8. Storage temperature
: -20 - 45oC.

3. Configuration and dimensions
Please refer to the drawing.

Hb = 49.1 mm Hh = 0.6 mm Wh = 2.6 mm Tw = 0.1 mm Thickness of label = 0.1 mm 4. Test conditions
Unless otherwise specified, all tests should be conducted within one
month of delivery under the following conditions :
Ambient temperature
: 20 +/- 2oC.
ISSUE DATE 2002-2-27
DESCRIPTION Lithium Ion Battery 603450
5. Performance

Item Criteria
Typical : 950 mAh Standard charge and standard
Minimum : 920 mAh Discharge
Measure AC impedance at 1kHz
Internal impedance Less than 120 mohm within 1 hour after standard
Typical discharge -20oC : 776 mAh
Standard charge cell at 20+/-2oC.
-10oC : 810 mAh
capacity at
Place cell in the temperature to
0oC : 822 mAh
be tested for 16 hours and then
20oC : 964 mAh
discharge cell at 190mA to 2.8V.
60oC : 934 mAh
Measure discharge capacity after
Cycle life, 20oC Above 665 mAh
conducting 500 cycles of standard
Measure discharge capacity of

Charge retention
Above 760 mAh
cells after standard charge and
stored at 20+/-2oC for 28 days.
Visually inspect cells after

Leakage resistance No leakage
standard charge and storage at
25oC for 14 days.
no explosion,
Drop cells after standard charged
Drop test
no leakage (weight onto a concrete floor from a
loss must be less height of 1 m for 3 times.
than 0.1%)
No fire,

Vibrate cell in 0.8mm amplitude
no explosion,
and frequency varied at 1 Hz/min.
no leakage (Max.
between 10 to 55Hz and return in
weight loss 0.1%) within 90 to 100 minutes.
Short circuit cell after standard
charge by 0.1 ohm copper wire at
no explosion,
room temperature and 60 ± 2oC.
Short circuit test cell temperature
Discharge cell until a fire or
shall not exceed
explosion is obtained, or until it
is completely discharged and cell
temperature has returned to near
ambient temperature.
Thickness :
6.5 mm max.
Measured by calipers
34.0 mm max.
50.0 mm max.
Battery weight
Approx. 23 grams
Measured by balance
No crack,
no leakage,
Visual inspection
no deformation
SPEC. NO. GPI-QC-S-603450L95
ISSUE DATE 2002-2-27
DESCRIPTION Lithium Ion Battery 603450

6. Warranty

one year limited warranty against workmanship and material defects.
The information ( subject to change without prior notice ) contained in
this document is for reference only and should not be used as a basis
for product guarantee or warranty. For applications other than those
described here, please contact your nearest GP Sales and Marketing

office or Distributors.
Manufacturer reserves the right to alter, amend the design, model and
specification without prior notice.

7. Charge state of cell before shipment

Charge from 10% to 50% according to delivery condition.

8. Safety precaution

Please follow the safety precaution carefully as improper handling
of lithium ion batteries may result in injury or damage from
electrolyte leakage, heating ignition or explosion. To ensure safety,
consult with GP regarding the charge and discharge specifications,
equipment structure, warning labels and other important details when
designing equipment to use GP rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Never charge the battery above 4.20V.
Never reverse charge the battery.
Never heat or incinerate the battery.
Never pierce, crush or cause mechanical damage to the battery.
Never charge a battery at high temperature condition, such as at
or near a fire.
Never short circuit the battery.
Never discharge a battery to below 2.8V per cell.
Never allow the battery to get wet or be immersed in water.
For long period of storage, temperature should be below 45oC.
After long period of storage, battery may required some cycling
SPEC. NO. GPI-QC-S-603450L95
ISSUE DATE 2002-2-27
DESCRIPTION Lithium Ion Battery 603450


The Cell(s)/Battery Pack shall be used with a PCM which can
protect Cell(s)/Battery Pack properly.
The PCM shall have functions of (a) overcharging protection;
(b) over-discharging protection and (c) over current protection,
to maintain safety and significant deterioration of cell
performance. The over current can occur by external short

- Overcharging prevention function shall work if any one of the
cell of the battery reached to 4.35V or above which charging
should be stopped.
- Overdischarging prevention function shall work if the Cell(S)/
Battery Pack reaches to below 2.15V.
- It is recommended that the dissipation current of PCM shall
be designed to minimal such as 0.5 microamperes or less after
the over-discharge prevention function works.
- The protection function shall monitor each cell for
controlling the current throughout the time.
Design of Protection Circuit Module(PCM)
a. PCM shall be located away from the gas-release vent of the cell
as much as possible.
b. Circuit pattern of PCM shall be away from each other as much as


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