52. Symposion der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie
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Male and Female Reproduction

Identification of two active cholinesterases in human ovary: Elevated cholinesterase activity in follicle serum of women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome Schmidt T.1, Kunz L.1, Berg U.1, Berg F.D.1, Mayerhofer A.1 , 1München Oxytocin receptor in human granulosa cells: Molecular identity, regulation by hCG saller s.1, Kunz L.1, Tiefenbacher A.1, Terfloth G.1, Berg D.1, Berg U.1, Mayerhofer A.1, 1München Thyroid-stimulating hormone is associated with insulin resistance independent from body mass index in euthyroid women with hyperandrogenic syndrome Mueller A.1, Dittrich R.1, Cupisti S.1, Kajaja n.1, Schild R.L.1, Beckmann M.W.1, Epigenetic characterisation of sex chromosomal aneuploidies Poplinski A.1, Wieacker P.1, Gromoll J.1, 1Münster Prostaglandins in the bovine uterine lumen during the preimplantation period: Principal actors, temporal sequential role and direction of action Ulbrich S.E.1, Schulke K.1, Groebner A.E.1, Reichenbach H.-D.2, Angioni C.3, geisslinger g.3, Meyer H.H.D.1, 1Freising, 2Grub, 3Frankfurt Differential expression of estrogen receptor alpha in testis, epididymis and prostate associated with distinct endogenous Estradiol-17β concentrations in male growing Fürst R.W.1, Kliem H.1, Meyer H.H.D.1, Ulbrich S.E.1, 1Freising Richterich P.1, Bergmann M.1, Wehrend A.1, 1giessen Progesterone is not a major factor in the control of placental release in cattle Shenavai S.1, Dilly M.2, Pfarrer C.2, Özalp G.3, Seyrek-Intas K.3, Hoffmann B.1, Release of IFNτ by the bovine trophoblast stimulates proapoptotic genes without consequence for the activation of apoptotic pathways in the endometrium Gröbner A.E.1, Unterseer s.1, Schulke K.1, Reichenbach H.2, Meyer H.H.D.1, Ulbrich S.E.1, 1Freising, 2Grubg thyroid Gland
Complete deficiency of thyroxine binding globulin caused by a 79 nucleotide deletion Moeller L.C.1, Köhler B.2, Jaeger A.1, Schnabel D.2, Janssen O.E.3, Mann K.1, 1essen, 2Berlin, 3Hamburg T3 binding compound ratio (T3 BICOR): A simple quantitative measure for impaired plasma protein binding in non-thyroidal illness syndrome Dietrich J.W.1, Ackermann A.1, Jeyabalan A.1, Kunanayagam Y.1, Tharmalingam T.1, Urban A.1, Stachon A.1, Klein h.h.1, hering s.1, Laboratory for Endocrine Research XU44 and AQUA FONTIS Project, NCT00591032, 1Bochum 52. Symposion der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie
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The disease-specific quality of life questionnaire closely correlates with ophthalmic and thyroid parameters in endocrine orbitopathy Ponto K.a.1, Pitz s.1, Hommel G.1, Weber M.M.1, Kahaly G.J.1, 1Mainz Autoimmunity and production of TSH receptor antibodies in the orbit: First clinical evidence in patients with Graves disease and thyroid associated orbitopathy Dietrich J.W.1, Franz C.2, loos U.2, 1Bochum, 2Ulm Genetic predisposition for goiters analysed by a case control study Wicht J.1, Singer J.1, eszlinger M.1, Paschke R.1, 1Leipzig Chemotherapy with paclitaxel and gemcitabine in progressive medullary and Matuszczyk A.1, Petersenn s.1, Voigt W.2, Kegel T.2, Schmoll H.-J.2, Dralle h.2, Reiners C.3, Mann K.1 , 1essen, 2Halle (Saale), 3Würzburg Skewed X-chromosome inactivation in the thyroid gland of females with autoimmune Penna-Martinez M.1, Ramos-Lopez E.1, Hinsch N.1, Robbers I.1, Epp F.1, Hansmann M.-l.1, Vorländer C.1, Wahl R.1, holzer K.1, Bechstein W.O.1, Lahrmann E.2, Gromoll J.2, Badenhoop K.1 , 1Frankfurt am Main, 2Muenster Clinical relevance of organ specific auto-antibodies in endocrine orbitopathy Ponto K.a.1, Pitz s.1, Hommel G.1, Weber M.M.1, Kahaly G.J.1 , 1Mainz Thyroid function in patients under thyroid medication in Germany: Results of the Study Hannemann A.1, Friedrich N.1, haring r.1, Nauck M.1, Völzke H.1, Wallaschofski H.1, 1Greifswald Ps1-02-10 Reappraisal of the relationship between circulating thyroid hormones and pituitary TSH Hörmann R.1, Eckl W.2, Hörmann C.1, Larisch R.1 , 1Lüdenscheid, 2Hungen Ps1-02-11 Preventive modulation of genetically determinated thyroid autonomy by iodine Müller K.1, Krohn K.1, Führer D.1 , 1Leipzig Ps1-02-12 Modulation of calcium signalling in primary human thyrocytes lorenz s.1, Aust G.1, Leinung S.1, Krohn K.1 , 1Leipzig Ps1-02-13 Somatostatin receptor subtype expression in human thyroid tumours Klagge a.1, Krause K.1, Führer D.1 , 1Leipzig Ps1-02-14 Somatostatin receptor 2 expression in cold thyroid nodules hardt a.1, Sancak S.2, Singer J.1, Klöppel G.3, Tanay Eren F.2, sen l.s.2, Güllüoglu B.M.2, Sever Z.2, Akalın N.S.2, eszlinger M.1, Paschke R.1 , 1Leipzig, 2Istanbul, 3Schleswig-Holstein Diabetes, Obesity and lipid Metabolism
IHuman skeletal muscle IRS-1serine 323 phosphorylation correlates positively with Giebelstein J.1, Schechinger W.2, Lahdo C.1, von Sengbusch A.1, Hojlund K.3, Möschel K.4, Schleicher E.4, häring h.U.4, Levin K.3, Beck-Nielsen H.3, Klein h.h.1 , 1Bochum, 2Darmstadt, 3odense, 4Tübingen Predictors of statin prescription in patients with type 2 diabetes in Germany Berthold h.K.1, Böhm M.2, Bestehorn K.3, Krone W.4, Gouni-Berthold I.4, 1Berlin, 2Homburg, 3haar, 4Cologne 52. Symposion der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie
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BMP4 accelerates the differentiation of human preadipocytes sales s.1, Buro U.1, Hamilton B.2, Glund S.2, Bornstein s.r.1, ehrhart-Bornstein M.1 , 1Dresden, 2Biberach Adiponectin stimulated CXCL8 release in primary human hepatocytes is regulated by ERK1/ERK2, p38 MAPK and STAT3 signalling pathways Wanninger J.1, Neumeier M.1, Weigert J.1, Weiss T.S.1, Schäffler A.1, Schölmerich J.1, Innate immunity and adipocyte function: Ligand-specific activation of multiple toll-like receptors modulates cytokine, adipokine and chemokine secretion in adipocytes Kopp A.1, Büchler C.1, Neumeier M.1, Weigert J.1, Schölmerich J.1, Schäffler A.1 , 1Regensburg The metabolic regulator FGF-21 is induced by free fatty acids in man: Results of a Mai K.1, Weicht J.1, Andres J.1, Bobbert T.1, Reinecke F.1, Möhlig M.1, Weickert M.1, Insulin suppresses atrial natriuretic peptide: A novel link of insulin resistance to Rudovich N.1, ernst a.2, Pivovarova O.3, Doehner W.1, anker s.1, Morgenthaler n.g.4, Weickert M.O.3, Bergmann A.4, Pfeiffer A.F.H.1 , 1Berlin, 2Borgsdorf, 3Potsdam-Rehbrücke, 4Henningsdorf Metabolic phenotypes in male subjects with Dunnigan type of familial partial Lipodystrophy due to a lamin A/C R482W mutation Laudes M.1, Schulte D.M.1, Oberhäuser F.1, Schubert M.1, Faust M.1, Krone W.1 , 1Köln Scavenger receptors class A and class B type I are involved in leukocyte adhesion to endothelial cells stimulated by in vitro oxidized and glucose-modified lipoproteins Kopprasch S.1, Graessler J.1, Pietzsch J.2, saha s.1, Bornstein s.r.1 , 1Dresden, 2Dresden-Rossendorf Ps1-03-10 Cellular tetrahydrobiopterin levels and NO output in endothelial cells exposed to atherosclerotic risk factor: Effect of supplementation with tetrahydrobiopterin hilge r.1, Papatheodorou L.1, Koelle P.1, Weiss N.2 , 1München, 2Dresden Ps1-03-11 Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) increases glucose-uptake in Andres J.1, Biedasek K.1, Mai K.1, Pfeiffer A.F.1, Spranger J.1 , 1Berlin hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland
Ps1-04-1 Activation of calcium and cAMP-signalling in GH-secreting pituitary adenomas Mayr B.M.1, Buslei R.1, Buchfelder M.1, Schöfl C.1 , 1erlangen High incidence of AIP mutations in sporadic pituitary adenomas in young patients Tikhomirova M.1, Daly A.1, Jaffrain-Rea M.-L.2, Yaneva M.3, Zacharieva S.3, Cozzi R.4, Sievers C.5, stalla g.5, Vanbellinghen J.-F.1, Bours V.1, Beckers A.1 , 1liege, 2Pozzili, 3Sofia, 4Milan, 5Munich GLP-1 analogue Exenatide as a potential drug for hypothalamic determined obesity Droste M.1, Wenzel G.1, Oeverink R.1 , 1Oldenburg 52. Symposion der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie
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Dose interval titration with Lanreotide Autogel 120mg based on IGF-1 levels in acromegalic patients previously treated with Octreotide LAR Schopohl J.1, Badenhoop K.2, Beuschlein F.1, Droste M.3, Plöckinger U.4, Petersenn s.5, Strasburger C.J.4, German Lanreotide Study Group , 1München, 2Frankfurt, 3Oldenburg, 4Berlin, 5essen Pituitary deficiency in the acute, subacute and chronic phase after traumatic brain injury or subarachnoid hemorrhage - A prospective longitudinal study on pituitary function using different methods of dynamic neuroendocrine evaluation Kreutzer J.1, Kleindienst a.2, Akutsu H.2, Bidlingmaier M.1, Schoefl C.2, Buchfelder M.2 , 1München, 2erlangen Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) in patients with acromegaly Thirmeyer C.1, Arafat A.M.2, Möhlig M.2, Tsikas D.3, Kremenevskaja N.1, Buchfelder M.1, Schöfl C.1 , 1erlangen, 2Berlin, 3Hannover Effect of hydrocortisone replacement therapy on Body Mass Index after pituitary Harbeck B.1, Oelbermann N.1, Mönig H.2 , 1Kiel, 2Lübeck Who stops growth hormone replacement therapy in KIMS and why - An analysis of the German KIMS database Kreitschmann-Andermahr I.1, Poll e.M.1, Brabant G.2, Buchfelder M.3, Faust M.4, Führer-sakel D.5, Kann P.h.6, Meyer S.6, Schneider H.J.7, Wallschofski H.8, Faßbender W.J.9 , 1Aachen, 2Manchester, 3erlangen, 4Köln, 5Leipzig, 6Marburg, 7München, 8Greifswald, 9Kempen High suspicion of Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD) occurring several decades after treatment with cadaver-derived growth hormone Dixit K.1, Basu A.1, Kreitschmann-Andermahr I.1, Brabant G.1 , 1Manchester Parathyroid hormones, Calcium and Bone
Ps1-05-1 Adiocytes induce Wnt-signaling and proliferation in pre-osteoblasts Kühn M.1, Ülgen F.1, Mülders-Opgenoorth B.1, Willenberg H.S.1, Schott M.1, Scherbaum W.A.1, Schinner S.1 , 1Düsseldorf Identification of a novel germline mutation p.Ile139Met in the CASR gene in a patient Fleischer S.1, Drexler h.h.1, Wittmann S.1, groß U.s.1, Clanget C.1, Schulte H.M.1 , 1Hamburg Parathyroid hormone improves contractile performance of adult rat ventricular cardiomyocytes at low concentrations in a non-acute way Schlüter K.-D.1, Tastan I.1, Schreckenberg R.1, Abdallah Y.1 , 1gießen Impact of mild and moderate renal insufficiency on metabolic bone parameters Reinhardt W.1, John P.1, Dolff S.2, Mann K.2, Witzke O.2 , 1herne, 2essen Human parathyroid hormone 1-34 (teriparatide) improves healing of peripheral Scharla S.1, Lempert U.1 , 1Bad Reichenhall Changes in bone density and fracture incidence under treatment with parathyroid Stracke H.1, Liebchen A.1, Busse I.1, Bretzel r.g.1 , 1gießen 52. Symposion der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie
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adrenal Gland
A reverse postural test as a screening tool for aldosterone-producing adenoma Weickert M.1, Schöfl-Siegert B.2, Arafat A.1, Pfeiffer A.F.H.1, Möhlig M.1, Schöfl C.2 , 1Berlin, 2erlangen Long-term culture of bovine chromaffin precursor cells Vukicevic V.1, Gebauer L.1, Chung K.-F.1, Haas J.1, Eisenhofer G.1, ader M.1, Bornstein s.r.1, ehrhart-Bornstein M.1 , 1Dresden 131I-Iodometomidate radiotherapy for metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma hahner s.1, Schirbel A.1, Kreissl M.1, Fassnacht M.1, Johanssen S.1, Hänscheid H.1, GnRH receptor expression is frequent in primary aldosteronism Zwermann O.1, Mauracher B.1, Lichtenauer U.1, Reincke M.1, Beuschlein F.1 , 1München Dierks a.1, Hantel C.1, Lichtenauer U.1, Beuschlein F.1 , 1München Dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate (DHEAS) promotes neuroendocrine differentiation of chromaffin pheochromocytoma PC12 cells Langbein H.1, Ziegler C.G.1, lattke P.1, Krug A.W.2, ehrhart-Bornstein M.1, Application of an LC-MS/MS-multisteroid analysis method in various forms of adrenocortical diseases and its correlation to a well established RIA after chromatography for multisteroid analysis Kulle A.E.1, Gruenig S.1, Sippell W.G.1, Holterhus P.-M.1, Riepe F.G.1 , 1Kiel Urinary free cortisone, but not cortisol, is associated with urine volume Müssig K.1, Remer T.2, Fritsche A.1, häring h.-U.1, Maser-Gluth C.3 , 1Tübingen, 2Dortmund, 3Heidelberg Specificity of the aldosterone synthase inhibitor FAD286 in different test systems Stuermer A.1, hahner s.1, lang K.1, linß h.1, Zink M.1, Schirbel A.1, allolio B.1 , 1Wuerzburg Ps1-06-10 Quality of life (QoL) in male and female patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) compared to healthy subjects and patients with primary adrenal insufficiency Bleicken B.1, hahner s.2, Loeffler M.2, Ventz M.1, allolio B.2, Quinkler M.1 , 1Berlin, 2Wuerzburg Endocrine neoplasms
Genetic testing for RET protooncogene in “sporadic” multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 and medullary thyroid carcinoma should include exons 5 and 8 groß U.s.1, Drexler h.h.s.1, Fleischer S.1, Schulte H.M.1 , 1Hamburg Antiproliferative effect of the blood coagulation regulator thrombomodulin Isermann B.1, Rödenbeck H.1, Kaiser I.1, Herrmann T.1, Bergmann F.1, nawroth P.P.1 , 1Heidelberg 52. Symposion der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie
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Antiproliferative effect of the blood coagulation regulator thrombomodulin Isermann B.1, Rödenbeck H.1, Kaiser I.1, Herrmann T.1, Bergmann F.1, nawroth P.P.1 , 1Heidelberg Rosiglitazone treatment in patients with metastatic radioiodine-negative differentiated thyroid carcinoma restores significant radioiodine uptake in the majority of patients Kühne-Eversmann L.1, Weiss M.1, Pfluger T.1, gärtner r.1 , 1München Endocrine gland-derived vascular endothelial growth factor (EG-VEGF) and its Kühner D.1, Sbiera S.1, Wortmann S.1, Adam P.1, Voelker h.-U.1, Kraus L.1, Beyer M.1, Quinkler M.2, Willenberg H.S.3, Flier U.1, Weismann D.1, hahner s.1, allolio B.1, Fassnacht M.1, Deutsche Nebennierenkarzinom-Register-Gruppe , 1Würzburg, 2Berlin, 3Düsseldorf Glucose transporter GLUT1-expression is an stage-independent predictor of clinical Fenske w.1, Fassnacht M.1, Voelker U.1 , 1Würzburg Detection of familial and sporadic pheochromocytoma by [18F] DOPA-PET/CT scanning Karges W.1, Zeich K.2, Buck A.2, Blumstein N.2, Neumeier B.2, Boehm B.2, reske s.n.2, Epigenetic inactivation of RASSF members in thyroid tumors Schagdarsurengin U.1, Hornung J.1, Dammann R.1 , 1giessen Clinical Case Reports
Ps1-08-1 Two novel mutations in the FSH-receptor gene (p.Ala501Thr, p.Tyr626Stop) in a patient with pubertas tarda and primary ovarian failure Dornauf I.1, groß U.2, Mann W.A.1 , 1Frankfurt, 2Hamburg A rare polymorphism in exon 2 of the LHβ in a patient with isolated LH-deficiency Adams C.1, Droste M.2, Gromoll J.1 , 1Münster, 2Oldenburg Successful cabergoline treatment of a patient with Cushings disease Jungheim K.1, Usadel K.h.1, Knappe U.J.2, Mann W.A.1 , 1Frankfurt, 2Minden Case report: Coincidence of familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia and parathyroid adenoma: Therapeutic effect of cinacalcet Scharla S.1, Lempert U.1 , 1Bad Reichenhall Localization of ectopic ACTH-syndrome by [68Ga-DOTA-DPhe1, Tyr3]-octreotate Willhauck M.J.1, Pöpperl G.1, Auernhammer C.J.1, giese a.1, Rachinger W.1, Herrmann Diagnosis of adrenocortical carcinoma two years after resection of Cushing adenoma Betz M.J.1, slawik M.1, Ladurner R.1, Reincke M.1, Beuschlein F.1 , 1München Multinodular goiter with airway obstruction, what else? Aufschild J.1, de Petriconi R.1, Barth T.1, Aberer B.1, Weber T.1, Böhm B.O.1 , 1Ulm 52. Symposion der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie
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Mechanisms of hormone action
- Signal transduction - Paracrine and autocrine Regulation; Growth Factors
Ps1-09-1 Beside hydrophilic also hydrophobic residues of the hinge region of the TSHR are involved in receptor signaling and hormone binding Mueller S.1, Kleinau G.2, Jaeschke H.1, Krause G.2, Paschke R.1 , 1Leipzig, 2Berlin Delicate superovulation of the common marmoset monkey Müller T.1, Hupfeld T.2, Gromoll J.3, Simoni M.4, Behr r.2 , 1Hannover, 2Göttingen, 3Münster, 4Modena Expression of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their tissue inhibitors (TIMPs) Dilly M.1, Shenavai S.2, Hambruch N.1, Schuler G.2, Özalp G.3, Seyrek-Intas K.3, Pfarrer C.1 , 1Hannover, 2gießen, 3Bursa Oral administration of the heavy metal cadmium results in a stimulation of estrogen Höfer N.1, Degen g.h.2, Wilhelm M.3, Wittsiepe J.3, Diel P.1 , 1Köln, 2Dortmund, 3Bochum The regulation of the activity of human insulin degrading enzyme by insulin and Pivovarova O.1, Rudovich N.2, Pfeiffer A.F.H.1 , 1Berlin, 2Nuthetal Ps1-09-6 PIP-hBTC: A new transgenic mouse line with β-cell-specific overexpression of Grzech M.1, Herbach N.1, Dahlhoff M.1, renner-Müller I.1, Wanke R.1, Wolf E.1, Detection of treatment-related neutralizing antibodies against human growth hormone Schubert N.1, Schaab M.1, Thiery J.1, Kratzsch J.1 , 1Leipzig Association of IGF-I and IGFBP-3 with left ventricular hypertrophy: Results of the Study Friedrich N.1, Aumann N.1, Dörr M.1, Felix s.B.1, Nauck M.1, Wallaschofski H.1, Völzke H.1 , 1Greifswald Association between serum IGF-I and IGFBP-3 and lung function: Results of the Study gläser s.1, Friedrich N.1, ewert r.1, Schäper C.1, Nauck M.1, Dörr M.1, Völzke H.1, Wallaschofski H.1, Koch B.1 , 1Greifswald Ps1-09-10 Different growth factors induce an enhanced proliferation of a bovine trophoblast cell line through the activation of the small GTPase Ras Hambruch N.1, Häger J.-D.1, Pfarrer C.1 , 1Hannover Ps1-09-11 Association between hepatic steatosis and serum IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 levels in a Völzke H.1, Nauck M.1, rettig r.1, Dörr M.1, Higham C.2, Brabant G.2, Wallaschofski H.1 , 1Greifswald, 2Manchaster Ps1-09-12 Effects of 1 week vs. 2 weeks treatment duration with recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) on organ weights and serum IGF-I in generic mice Kummann M.1, Bielohuby M.1, Manolopoulou J.1, Bidlingmaier M.1 , 1München


ALS VEHICLE MEDICATIONS Adenocard (Adenosine) 6 mg unit dose 3 Unit dose _______ Albuterol (Ventolin) 2.5mg in 3ml 2 Unit dose _______ Amiodarone 150mg Ampule 3 Ampules _______ Ativan 4 mg total 4mg total______ Atropine 1 mg/10 ml 6 Syringes _______ Baby Aspirin 81 mg tablets (chewable) 1 Bottle _______ Breathine/tributaline

Pii: s1386-5056(98)00090-2

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