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TTS Italia is member of the network of ITS National Associations co-ordinated by ERTICO
TTS Italia is involved in two European Projects
Two European Projects financed by GJU (Galileo Joint Undertaking) in the frame of a 2nd call 6FP Project have been started with the involvement of TTS Italia. The names of these projects are: GIROADS (GNSS Introduction in the ROAD Sector) and M-TRADE (Multimodal TRAnsportation supporteD by Egnos). On September 13th last, the GIROADS Kick-Off Meeting was held in Brussels. This Project, which is co-
ordinated by ERF (European Road Federation), sets out the objective of developing solutions involving the use of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) in the road sector. Among its applications, the most relevant are those involving road tolling, localisation, emergency services, information on traffic and navigation assistance. In GIROADS, TTS Italia has been entrusted with the co-ordination of regulatory aspects and those relevant to satellite application standards. Other TTS Italia partners contributing to GIROADS are ATAC, Autostrade per l’Italia, Thetis and Telespazio. The M-TRADE Kick-Off Meeting took place in Rome last September 19th. M-Trade, a project co-ordinated by
Telepazio, aims to develop solutions based on the use of EGNOS, and in the future Galileo, in the multimodal
goods transport sector. In M-TRADE, TTS Italia is the leader of dissemination activities. Other Italian partners involved in M-TRADE are SeT, a TTS Italia Partner, Bologna Interport and Trenitalia. Moreover, the project is sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Thetis, both TTS Italia For further information: 8 new partners join TTS Italia
At the meeting of the 8th July the Board of Directors approved the admission of 8 new associates, 5 companies and 3 universities. The new members to join TTS Italia were: 3M Italia, Digitek, Fai Service, Famas System, Italsime, the Dipartimento Cattid dell’Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, the Dipartimento di Scienze dell’ Ingegneria Civile dell’Università di Roma Tre and the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile For further information: TELEPAY: buying a ticket with an SMS
ATAC has inaugurated “Telepay”, its new SMS ticket service. The system is valid for travel on all ATAC modes of transport including Metrobus Roma, filobus, tram, metro, included rail-routes (Roma-Pantano, Roma-Viterbo, Roma-Lido) and second-class Trenitalia trains within the Comune di Roma. For the metro, the client can acquire the ticket before descending to the platform where the mobile phone signal cannot be received. In order to be able to buy the ticket the client must first register for the service with their own mobile phone service provider. Purchase of the ticket is achieved by sending an SMS containing only the word BIT to 48299. The system responds after a few seconds with a message containing all the information about the ticket purchased. For further information:
Digitek develops a video surveillance system
Digitek has developed a new digital video surveillance and digital video-recording system characterised by added services and high reliability. The system is composed of an integrated video acquisition and digital recording device capable of receiving films simultaneously from 4 to 8 cameras with the possibility of recording to a local disk, Compact Flash, on a remote network connected server. The system is equipped with network ports, serial ports, audio admission, PC-Card/CardBus slot and is capable of interface with xDSL, GSM or WiFi modules. The recording of the films is programmed for motion detection, external signals, network messages or calendar; in all conditions a pre-trigger period is definable for the recording of films which precede the event of the alarm. For further information:
Famas System develops a new guide system for Pguide 2000 car parks
After numerous installations in other cities, the new car park direction system developed by FAMAS SYSTEM has been introduced in Como. This system provides real-time information on the number of available spaces in the city’s main car parks. Vehicle data is transmitted to a central operator which correlates it to present traffic conditions to provide the number of spaces which should be free on the user’s arrival in the area of For further information: Italsime brings a breath of fresh air to innovation: MISTRAL
The MISTRAL System, an acronym for Management Information System for Public Transportation Local Enterprises, is a breath of fresh air in the world of transport management. This system provides all-round support to Local Public Transport companies through coverage of the 5 functional areas from which it is structured: reporting and dashboard management; Management/Administration Area; Ground Technical Support; Fleet Travel Area; Publicity and paline Area. MISTRAL was developed by integrating reliable, modern technologies and instruments. The MISTRAL project was funded by FIT(Fondo Investimento Tecnologico) and is protected by two patents entitled to the title “Fleet Management System for Public Transport”.
For further information:
Hello Truck develops Control Centre management software
Hello Truck has developed an applied software for the NT/2000/XP system which manages the necessary services provided by a “Control Centre”. Management of communications with HT on-board monitoring systems. - Management of configuration and historical information in a database.
Management of vehicle monitoring on a cartographic basis and selection of reference routes. For further information: NAVTEQ presents the first digital map of Romania, Sulzbach, 14 September 2005
NAVTEQ has added a new country to its cartographic database of Eastern Europe. A digital map of Romania is available for the first time through NAVTEQ. This new cartographic edition not only provides detailed information of Romania’s internal road network but facilitates the planning of international routes comprising neighbouring states such as Bulgaria and Hungary. The database covers over 11,400 km of Romanian roads and also includes points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, banks, service areas, railway stations and tourist sites. Romania now adds to the already extensive cartography of eastern Europe provided by NAVTEQ. Thousands more telematic vehicles every day: the insurance propositions of Octo Telematics
Thanks to the marketing of Unipol Group’s Unibox and Aurobox solutions about 1,000 clients daily decide to take advantage of the products and services of Octo Telematics (Metasystem Group). The “assicurometro” (an innovative GPS/GPRS system capable of collecting data about the effective use of the vehicle and prospective accidents) was launched on 2nd May after a year of testing and since then has been adopted by almost 20,000 customers. This confirms the position of the Unipol Group and Octo Telematics at the forefront of technological innovation paving the way for the reduction of fraud and the creation of innovative insurance policies . For further information: Powersoft proposes SCARABEUS
During the UITP World Congress held last June in Rome, Powersoft successfully presented their new on- board console, SCARABEUS. This concentration of technology in a winning form of small dimensions allows vehicle localisation and the transmission of on-board/centre/on-board information via GPRS. Thanks to the autonomous operation of several weeks, internal integrated antennae and other technological solutions, the permanent on board installation of the system can be avoided. SCARABEUS not only underlines the company’s commitment to excellent research in the ITS sector but opens the way to new markets which offer great potential for growth such as “Pay-per-Use” and Infomobility. For further information: Rome City to POLIS Conference
On next 9 - 10th November, the 20th annual Polis Conference on " 15 years of innovation in local and
regional transport: good practice; new trends and challenges; the barriers; the way ahead" will be held in Paris.The Conference is a good opportunity to learn about current practice in Europe's cities and regions, to understand how technology and innovation can support the delivery of transport systems, to debate whether cities and regions are able to meet EU/national targets and regulatory requirements, to anticipate the new challenges facing local transport systems and to identify what additional support is needed to The city of Rome will be represented by the Mayor Walter Veltroni and STA (Mobility Services for Rome City - founding member of TTS Italia) that will chair the session on "Transport and quality of life" and will participate to the Round table on "The future of innovation - challenges and commitments". For further information and registration: “Roma Tre” University implements SMART to evaluate equipment services for traffic

The SMART project which is the result of the collaboration between ANAS SpA, “Roma Tre” University and “La Sapienza” University is still in development. It aims to validate automatic traffic monitoring systems and, in particular, to define minimal functional parameters which must be working satisfactorily in the specific The project began with the construction of an experimental site on an open state road (SS1 Aurelia, km 23-500) on which seven different monitoring systems were installed. The project will last one solar year during which the instrumentation will be tested under the most varied Validation of the instrumentation to be tested occurs thanks to the development of a specific method and the implementation of an innovative system for the measurement of several data. For further information:
First Pan-American Conference on ITS
From 19/10/2005 until 21/10/2005 Rio de Janeiro For further information:
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