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Depo Provera

Depo what ???? What is it?

Depo Provera is an injectable contraceptive. Also known as DMPA, it is extremely effective partly because it is
forgiving if a woman returns several days to 2 weeks late for an injection. DMPA has been used by more than 20
million women worldwide, and is approved for use in more than 90 countries, including the US, where it was
approved in 1992.
How does it work?

An injection of Depo Provera is given every three months. It inhibits ovulation by suppressing certain hormones.
It also causes the lining of the uterus to be thinner than needed to sustain a pregnancy, and thickens cervical
mucus so sperm penetration is decreased.
What’s the failure rate?

lowest expected rate typical failure rate

What else can I expect from it?

• scarce periods dwindling to no periods by the end of the 2nd to 5th year • decreased menstrual cramps and pain • lowered risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer • reduced risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease • weight gain • breast tenderness in some women
What if I change my mind and want to get pregnant?

Depo Provera is reversible, but return of fertility may be delayed. If there are no other fertility problems, you
should see fertility return in less than a year, after the last shot is taken. But it may take as long as 12-18 months,
so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get pregnant right away.

How much does it cost?
At the Klotz Student Health Center, an injection of Depo Provera [good for 3 months] costs about $50. This
averages out to $16.67 per month for contraception.
What else do I need to know?

• If you are at risk for HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease, continue to use condoms in addition to Depo Provera, as it provides no protection against STDs. • Return to the health center every 3 months for another shot. • If you want to get pregnant, discontinue the shot several months before you plan to conceive, and use a • This shot will make your periods less regular, and spotting between periods is fairly common. Some women stop having periods completely. If your pattern of bleeding worries you, come back to the health center to get a blood test for anemia or to rule out the possibility of a pregnancy. • Weight gain is common in users of Depo Provera. You will have to pay close attention to avoiding excess calories to avoid this side effect. • Don’t use this method if you have had blood clots in your legs (phlebitis) • There is some concern about bone loss in young women who are still growing new bone. If you are under age 20, and on Depo Provera, we recommend not staying on it longer than 2 years and then giving yourself a year (off Depo) to recover any possible bone loss.
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If you got a shot today and wish to continue to use Depo Provera, you must return to the clinic every 12
weeks for another shot. Today is ________________
YOU SHOULD RETURN BY: ___________________
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