FIRESCOPE EMS Specialist Group
Sacramento Meeting
June 17, 2013
Ed Gandara – LAC
Greg Nuckols – SBC
Mike Giannini – MRN
Greg Reynar – LFD
Cole Stratton – DAL
Steve Pendergrass – KRN
Bill Garrison – LAC
Josh Davies – EMSAAC North
Lorenzo Gigliotti – CalEMA
Josh Cazier - SBC
Welcome, Introductions – Gandara
Welcome to Lorenzo Gigliotti for hosting the meeting at CalEMS HQ, and Josh Cazier from Santa
Barbara County FD.
Roster Review – Gandara
Reviewed Confidential & Public Rosters. Noted change to Stratton’s email address and footer on Public
Stakeholder Reports – Giannini
Scope of Practice – discussion on medications that fall out of our scope of practice – Lasix & Diastat. Hemostatic Dressings – Now recognized as part of the EMT Scope of Practice. Community Paramedicine – Looking at alternative destination scenarios. How is training funded? Wall Time – Hospital associations enlisting the Abaris Consulting Group for recommendations. Mobile Field Hospitals – Continuing to function with $1 million dollar funding. AB 58 – Allows continued use of research studies. AB 939 – AEDs for schools and limits immunity. SB 388 – FBOR and issues that increase the potential to implement FBOR for any discussions with an employee. This bill is mostly dead. AB 633 – CPR in residential healthcare facilities. Prevents facility policies that prohibit CPR conducted by facility employees. AB 669 – Epi Pens – Allows anyone to buy & use epi pens. EMDAC not in support. King Airway Tube – Looking at potential for blocking cerebral flow. Looking at alternatives such as the Air-Q that limits inflation of the bulb only during ventilation. Task Force Report – Stratton
2012 FOG Book is now available for purchase. High Rise Specialist Group is now formed. IRPG is being revised by Dave Stone from LAC. Plan of Work
Reviewed revisions to the Plan of Work. Archive ongoing items that are not being worked on and only list
items that are currently in progress. Show completed 2013 items.
Charter Revisions – Gandara
Final revisions completed, changed revision date.
FEMP Manual – Gandara
Reviewed manual and made final revisions. Alphabetized equipment lists.
Tactical EMS – Gandara
Discussion on Safety Specialist Group’s Tactical EMS document. Send comments or concerns to
Gandara for compilation & submission to the Task Force.
Regional USAR Task Force Medical Specialist Scope of Practice – Gandara
Reviewed request to assist the RTF Group with scope of practice issues. Waiting for Task Force
approval on the request.
Meeting adjourned on June 17. All agenda items completed and June 18 session cancelled. Next meeting is scheduled for September 16 & 17 in San Diego. Next Conference Call on July 2, 2013 at 0900, details forthcoming.


Microsoft word - 005-guideline_bullouspemphigoid_2011.doc

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Microsoft word - innogen working paper 14 - final.doc

Therapeutic advance of biopharmaceuticals . 6 Table 1. Prescrire definitions of the evaluation categories . 7 Table 2. Prescrire evaluations of the therapeutic value of biopharmaceuticals and all other drugs (Jan 1986 – June 2004) . 9 Table 3. Prescrire evaluations of biopharmaceutical indications over time .10 Drug share and prevalence rates for biopharmaceuticals .11 The social benefi

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