Insurance Committee Minutes
April 19, 2011
The following members of the Insurance Committee were present: Ginny Borgmann, Derek Lay, Janet Ploch, Colleen Rauch, Roger Russell, Julie Scholl, Kevin Supple and Patrick Zeitz. Scott James, Sherry Seckfort and Sharon Morfeld from J.W. Terrill were present at the meeting. The information listed below was given to each committee member: Meeting agenda and PowerPoint presentation Bank Comparisons - Health Savings Accounts RFP response summary information – STD/LTD and Life Insurance
Janet Ploch opened the meeting welcoming Sherry Seckfort who recently joined J.W. Terrill as a
Senior Account Manager. Sherry will be working closely with Francis Howell’s account.

RFP Dental PPO - On April 6th, the FHSD Benefits Office received notification from Essex
Dental (incumbent) that the claims data they had provided for the RFP process was incorrect.
After the RFP closed on April 8th, Janet Ploch provided the corrected claims data to each
company that had submitted a proposal. Each company had until April 14, 2011 to revise their
original proposal. A summary of the dental proposals will be presented at the next Insurance
Committee meeting on May 17, 2011.
Family Dental Services - Francis Howell received a one year proposal from Family Dental
Services. For Plan Year 2011/12, Family Dental proposed no increase to the current rates. There
will be an increase in Co-pays for the following procedures: Surgical Extraction, Dentures, Root
Canal (by specialist), Crowns (Porcelain to metal or gold) and Space Maintainers.
The committee members support recommending Family Dental Services proposal to the
Board of Education.

RFP Life Insurance & Short and Long Term Disability- RFPs for Life Insurance, and
STD/LTD insurance plans closed on April 8, 2011. The District received five Life Insurance
proposals and six Disability proposals. Two “decline to bid” letters were received for both
insurance plans. The RFP was written to allow the District to select different carriers for Life,
STD and LTD. J.W. Terrill along with Janet Ploch evaluated each proposal based on key
criteria. A summary of proposals was presented to the committee. J.W. Terrill reviewed the
information with the Insurance Committee. The proposals were narrowed down to two
competitive carriers: Dearborn National (current provider) and Lincoln Financial.
Short Term Disability/Long Term Disability Insurance
The Key Criteria used for evaluation:
 Does the carrier have the ability to mirror the District’s current plan design for STD?  Can the carrier administer numerous work calendars when calculating disability  Are the rates competitive relative to the current plan’s rates? Dearborn National, incumbent carrier, manages the FHSD disability program very well and was
low bidder.

The committee members support recommending Dearborn National as the District’s
STD/LTD carrier to the Board of Education.

Life Insurance

The Key Criteria used for evaluation:
 Does the carrier mirror the District’s current plan for life insurance?  Are the rates competitive relative to the current plan’s rates?
After review of the proposals, the committee determined that Dearborn National and Lincoln
Financial were the two most competitive bids. Lincoln Financial is low bidder and is offering
employees an opportunity to increase their life insurance an additional $20,000 and spouses an
additional $10,000, each at Open Enrollment, with no evidence of insurability. Since Dearborn
National is the incumbent, J.W. Terrill will approach them one more time to see if they will
match the Lincoln Financial proposal.
If Dearborn National will match the Lincoln Financial proposal, the committee members
support recommending Dearborn National as the District’s Life Insurance carrier to the
Board of Education. If not, the committee supports recommending Lincoln Financial as
the District’s Life Insurance carrier.

Health Savings Accounts (H.S.A.)
When the District first offered a Consumer Driven Health Plan, very few banks offered H.S.As.
The District originally partnered with Enterprise Bank to manage employee H.S.A.s, but
Enterprise Bank charged a monthly account fee which the District paid. Effective 10/01/10, the
District changed to M & I Bank because they would not charge account fees for the 10/11 Plan
Year. M & I Bank recently agreed to waive account fees for Plan Year 11/12. J.W. Terrill
presented comparison information on H.S.A.s at multiple banks.

The committee members support recommending M & I Bank for the 11/12 Plan Year to
the Board of Education.

Pharmacy Benefit Update

Medco is offering a new program called Generics Rx Advantage for members in the High or
Base Plans. If a member fills a new 3 month generic prescription, on selected drugs, via Medco’s
mail order pharmacy option, Medco will waive the co-pay. A member can also receive up to
$25.00 in savings for filling, via mail order, select brand name scripts that are moving to generic
in the near future (Lipitor, Lexapro, Plavix, Singulair, Actos, Diovan). Medco will send letters
to members who have prescriptions with targeted drugs. The program becomes available July 1,
2011. The committee members agreed to offer this program to our members.

As a follow-up from our last meeting, the committee was given additional cost saving data,
provided by Medco, on the following programs: Step Therapy, Prior Authorization and Member
Pays the Difference. No action was taken.
Autism Coverage

With the passing of HB 1311, the District is required to expand coverage of Autism services
effective with Plan Year 2011/12. The Bill requires health carriers to provide coverage for the
diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and provides coverage for Applied
Behavior Assessment (ABA). ABA coverage is limited to $40,000 per year for dependents up to
age 19. This could be a significant cost factor to the Plan.
Medical Plan Performance

Data was provided to the committee comparing the average paid per month for the 1st Quarter of
the last 4 plan years. However, due to a significant shift in enrollment between our three medical
plans, it is difficult to compare data from our current Plan Year to previous years.

The next Insurance Committee Meeting will be held Tuesday, May 17, 2011. The agenda will
include the Dental PPO plan RFP response summary, medical account review, 2011/12 medical
plan premiums/schedule of benefits, Medical Spousal Exclusion, and a review of the information
being presented to the Board of Education on June 16, 2011.

Source: http://fhsd.sharpschool.net/UserFiles/Servers/Server_995699/File/i4.pdf

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