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All Exhibitors can freely choose their own freight forwarder and must make their own arrangements for the permanent or temporary admittance of goods. All expenses connected with these arrangements are for the exclusive account of the Exhibitors. The Organizers do not assume any responsibility or liability over related expenses, or taxes, or materials held in customs and not cleared in due time. To make this a smooth and simple procedure for Exhibitors, we suggest contacting the international shipping and forwarding agent, HOB who will circulate details of shipping procedures and customs documentation to Exhibitors directly or via their appointed agent in each country. We strongly recommend Exhibitors to seek the advice of the above company for shipment of goods in order to avoid delays at Customs, or even be subject to non-clearance of goods, as cu It is the Exhibitors' responsibility to ensure that their exhibits are covered by adequate insurance for shipment to, the duration of, re-packing and re-export from the Exhibition. Inquiries regarding costs, temporary importation of exhibits and documentation should be directed to: Buenos Aires, Argentina Phone: + (54 11) 4382-8182 Fax: + (54 11) 4382-8191 E-mail: Contacts: Mrs. Silvia Muzzupappa / Mrs. Mariana Ludueña / Mr. Diego Sita The rules and regulations for importing goods into Argentina are very strict. We strongly suggest you to contact us before shipping any goods. Deadline dates and most important Customs Regulations are listed below. Copy of our International Shipping Instructions & Tariff is available upon request. Sea Freight Shipments to Buenos Aires Port Argentina has specific entry regulations, which must be followed, or your shipment will be denied entry. Separate Invoices / Packing Lists and Airway bills / Bills of Lading are required for PERMANENT and TEMPORARY entries. The venue in Buenos Aires is not a customs bonded area and temporary imports will require a Bank Guarantee in order to avoid payment of duty. In case you handled your shipment with HOBBIT, we will provide this guarantee upon application. All products imported under temporary admission in Argentina must be either returned to the origin, to another country or sold to a licensed Argentine Importer. Good According to our local regulations, for every permanent importation, we must present a Legal Statement (known as DJAI) at the Industry and Trade Office informing the material the exhibitor intends to send. Once this file is presented we need to wait for the authorization accordingly. Tha All trade advertising, giveaways, promotional literature and expendable items must be imported only as PERMANENT and are subject to heavy import duties and taxes. This amount will be administered and assigned by the Customs Administration and will be applicable only for consumable goods. All goods imported by Hobbit® Worldwide Logistics S.A. are only for exhibiton and giveaway purposes. The sale of these products is forbidden according to tax regulations in our country. If you are planning to send any of the following items, please contact us to check if they can be imported or if any certification is required.
• Bags • CDs & DVDs • Food and beverages • Toys • Brochures and printed material • Batteries • Fabrics • Electrical and Gas Equipment Be informed that, in our country, the entry of shipments packing in wooden crates and pallets, require fumigation process in origin. This procedure must be done before the shipment and the corresponding Official Certificate must be included in the documentation. If packing material is not wood, a Certificate of non-wooden Packing Material issued by the Shipper / Exporter is required to include in the documentation. Permanent imports of electrical equipment require a Product Registration as per voltage, prior to entering our country. This process will take, at least, 3 months for registering product and high expenses will apply for registration purposes. Documents required will be informed upon request. We strongly recommend temporary import of this kind of products. These kinds of shipments have special and strict regulations, so please take contact with us in order to give you Special Instructions. Courier services have special Customs regulations and “door-to-door service” doesn’t apply in most cases. If anyway, you decide to use this way to ship, please ask for our special instructions. Cont


74hc4075-q100; 74hct4075-q100 triple 3-input or gate

74HC4075-Q100; 74HCT4075-Q100 Triple 3-input OR gate Rev. 1 — 22 May 2013 Product data sheet 1. General description The 74HC4075-Q100; 74HCT4075-Q100 is a triple 3-input OR gate. Inputs include clamp diodes. This enables the use of current limiting resistors to interface inputs to voltages in excess of VCC. This product has been qualified to the Automotive Electronics Council (

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Automatic Data Capture Systems - RFID CP4014 Internet and Communications Technology Assessment 2 By Stacey Greenaway 3.1 Overview . 5 3.2 Tags. 5 3.3 Radio Frequency . 6 6.1.1 Current Uses. 10 6.1.2 Future Uses . 10 6.2.1 Current Uses. 10 6.2.2 Future Uses . 10 6.3 Supply Chain (inc. Distribution, Retail) . 10 6.3.1 Current Uses. 10 6.3.2 Future Uses . 11 6.4.1 Current Uses. 11 6.4.2 Future

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