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Eureka Orienteers Newsletter: July 2006.
president: mark valentine, secretary: jenni jamieson victorian selectors: geoff lawford, (foot O). anitra dowling, MTBO. Coming Events: Eureka Club Series #2 (+ AR Vic Champs) Blackfellows Flat 5km W of Ballan MEL 77 13 Aug Sun Social event
TK Carroll’s Spring North of Ballan MEL
Remember this date: Sun October 22nd. Long Distance Championships at Mt Beckworth. A new map

Chris is wanting about 2_3 sets of 9 volunteers to assist with the running of the Mt Beckworth event. So
some of us will need to do two stints. What is your forte. 4 on the start , 3 on the finish, 2 on results, There
will of course be setup, pull down and sort the maps tasks as well. It was suggested we provide extra
cleanskin maps instead of sorting, but the $200 extra cost was not seen as ideal.
Linton MTBO: Nov 12th Emily Viner is the course setter on a map recently revised by Andrew
Slattery from SA.

Social Event: Winter: Sunday August 13th,2006, is to be a Social get together event at Ballarat’s La
Porchettas. Followed by a BYO dessert to share and tea, coffee and milo chat session at Lawford’s at the
very end of Swinglers Rd. 4.5km from the roundabout at the Cemetery corner. Norman/Doveton streets.
1 2006 World Masters Championships in Austria - Geoff Lawford (M50) set his goal to be in the top 10 in
the world - and he made it comfortably by taking 6th in M50 against over 300 keen orienteers from Europe,
Asia, USA and Canada. Well done Geoff - you are a legend!
2 "Rockhopper Trophy" (after 6 events) - Eureka lies 5th behind 1st place NE (636 pts), 2nd TK (580),
YV (497), BK (479) and then Eureka on 429 points (103, 91, 84, 25, 46, 80 = 429). As you can see we
scored most at the EU Challenge - but in most events we have really given the points away by not having
good all-club representation. We really need to get 'serious' at Sailor's Diggings on 30 July and see if we
can't get up in the top 3. So with 5 State Series and 2 Championships (Middle and Long-Distance) to go,
let's see if together we can make a difference!
3 "Orienteer of the Year" Competition - After 6 State Series events (with 7 events to go), the standings
Course 1 M21 Geoff L, 4th C4 M55 Terry H, 4th; John E, 6th
Course 3 M45 Chris N, 1st C4 W35 Anitra D, 1st;
Course 4 M50 Roch P, 6th; M35AS Ian C, 7th; C4 W45 Jenny B, 1st
Course 5 M60 Blake G, 3rd; Mick M 4th; Ernie C 8th W16 Belinda L, 2nd; W50 Judy P, 4th; M15AS
Ian L, 2nd
3. continued. Orienteer of the Year" Competition -
Course 6 M75 Tom N, 1st; W60 Dale G, 3rd; Heather B, 4th; W45AS BJ, 8th
Course 7 M17B Andrew N, 6th
Course 8 M45B Russell B, 1st
4 State MTB-O Series Competition - After 7 events (with 3 events to go)
Course 1 M.Open Grant L, 6th; Stephen B, 11th
Course 2 M50 Mark V, 8th; MOp B Stephen B, 2nd
Course 3 MOpC Dick B, 9th; M60+ Blake G, 4th; W40 Anitra D, 1st; W50 BJ, 5th
Course 4 MOpD David E, 1st; W60+ Dale G, 1st; Margaret B, 5th
Course 5 Ian L, tied 2nd
Ian C has ridden a few unofficially but recorded no points
Victorian Secondary Schools Team selected. The final selection trial was held on Sunday 16th July at Mt
Tarrengower (for those of you who know it, it is full of rock features.just like the competition map will be in WA). 26 students
competed for 16 places. The day was remarkably dry following heavy, welcome, rain on the Friday and Saturday. The team will be
made up of 16 students plus 2 travelling reserves (Junior Boys)
Junior Boys:
Junior Girls
Reserve 1 - Ian Lawford ( Ballarat Grammar) Senior Boys
Senior Girls
Bryan Keely ( Bendigo Senior SC) Co Captain Aislinn Prendergast ( Damascus College) Co-Captain R1 - Sebastian Hansen ( Braemar College) Team Manager - Mandy Hennessy ( Braemar College and TK), Head Coach - Steve Bird ( BK) ) Sunley (TK + parent) is the motivating force with fundraising please support the future of Victorian Orienteering by purchasing food etc at events


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