Leisure and communities department

Dundee City Disability Sport
Held on Tuesday 26 June 2007
In Olympia at 7.00 pm


Gordon Quinton, Bob Cassidy, Ted Hunter, Cllr Richard McCready, Brian Webster, Melanie Scott Action Date

Cllr Bob Duncan, George Ferguson, Richard McBride, Stewart Murdoch and
Eileen Ramsay

BW chaired the meeting in ER's absence.

No 4 - Finance - additional signatories would be BW and ER.
No 10 - Curling -
TH asked that Richard McBride be recognised for his
contribution to Curling over the season.
No 10 - Powerlifting - BW queried how the Push/Pull event had gone on
20 Jun 07 however there was no update available.

No update as MS is waiting to take over from Ron Gray.
£337.68 Fuel Tax Submission has been banked in the Repairs and Maintenance fund. 5 FAIRMUIR
Club finished for Summer this week and will start back on Mon 27 Aug 07. COMPETITIONS AND EVENTS

SOMA/PAMIS Fun Day - Sun 19 Aug 07 (11.00 am-3.00 pm) in Baxter
Park. BW invited Committee members to attend this event. The event will
be advertised in local press. Cllr McCready will check his availability.
Scottish Open Boccia Championships - Glasgow - Sat 2 Jun 07 -
Kirsten Law won Silver; Martin Cassidy won gold and Margaret Torrie won
Bronze (assisted device category). Kirsten also won the shield for best-
improved junior.

Action Date
Athletics - Wed 13 Jun 07 - 96 athletes attended. This event is a
partnership between Angus, Perth & Kinross and Dundee. A team was
selected to represent Tayside in the Track and Field Championships on Wed
5 Sep 07 in Grangemouth.
Lawn Bowls Championships - Fri 15 Jun 07 - team now go on to
represent Dundee at a Scottish Lawn Bowls event in Aberdeen on Sat
1 Sep 07.
Entry Forms for Lawn Bowls - DT to select team to participate.
Scottish Disability Sport - Equity Policy - comments on this required by
members. Information will be distributed with the Minutes and any feedback should be emailed to info@dundeedisabilitysport.co.uk. AGM - Forms will be available soon. Chair/Vice-chair and 4 other members
attend. GQ to update Committee once forms are available and find out who 8 DISABILITY
Term-time programmes are now finished. Year round programmes continuing and summer programme about to start. There will be a Challenge Week for children with disabilities between 9-13 Jul 07. Horseriding will take place every Thursday during the holidays. GQ to liaise with Cllr McCready re his availability to attend any of the programmes. 9 FUNDRAISING

No update available.
Cyclathon - date to be confirmed.
Packs - over 80 packs have been issued to current mailing lists. Closing
Facilities - these have all been booked.
Catering - still to be arranged.
Volunteers - this has not been looked at yet as appropriate cover is
Medals/T-shirts - GQ to find how many are still required as there are some
left over from last year. Committee was happy for GQ to do this. BW invited Cllr McCready to attend. GQ to liaise with Cllr McCready re his availability. The events taking place are as follows: Action Date
SAT 15 SEP 07
Athletics - Caird Park Stadium - officials and college students to assist.
Boccia/Carpet Bowls - DISC - Soroptomists/Sea Cadets to assist.
Motor Activities - Douglas Sports Centre - for people with profound and
complex needs - sea cadets/guides to assist. Powerlifting - Ardler Complex - officials to assist.
SUN 16 SEP 07
Swimming - Olympia - SASA officials to assist.
Table Tennis - Ward Road Gym - Table Tennis officials to assist.
GQ to speak to ER re the Lawn Bowls Challenge as BW queried if this would 11 AFFILIATED

Boccia - Open year round. Membership forms have been circulated and
another two members have joined.
Curling - GF currently negotiating terms for next season. Back to 6 rinks.
Re-starts on Mon 8 Oct 07.
- no update available.

Swimming - no update available.
SOMA - no update available.
There was a poor turnout at the meeting. Paul Jamieson to conduct a review of operations. Charities Conference - Fri 29 Jun 07 - GQ is attending this conference in
Edinburgh which will cover new legislation re submitting returns. GQ to report back at the next meeting and inform MS of any financial implications. Date of Next Meeting
Tue 28 Aug 07 at 7.00 pm in the Forum, Olympia. There will be no meeting in Jul 07.

Source: http://www.dundeedisabilitysport.co.uk/media/pdfs/26%20June%202007.pdf

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