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“The AmazingWeight Loss Secret Of
The South African Bushman Finally
Stumbled Upon After Thousands of Years…”

estlake- Ever wanted to just take a pill and shed a
“Eat that – and you will never be
hungry or thirsty again.”
around your mid-section? Or, how about dropping a whole bunch of unwanted blubber, quickly and easily, without overweight and, let’s just say, a “big eater,” cut off some of this cactus-like plant, ate it, and began her long jury.
If you do – you are not alone. Every year over $40 She walked and walked and walked. Lunchtime came and BILLION is spent on products designed to help you slim passed. So did dinner. Both without feeling hungry or down. The only problem is – they either don’t work… or… have devastating side effects. Some even kill you.
Anna was shocked. So, the next day… she ate some more. And the next day and so on. The next thing she But what if there was something that actually worked? knew, Anna had reached her destination, Los Angeles… And what if this “secret” had already been used, she had lost 69 pounds… and was the star of a Trimspa successfully, for thousands and thousands of years? commercial! Just kidding. But the rest of that scenario is Would you want to know something about it? Maybe give pretty much true. The South African Bushmen have been eating that cactus-like plant to kill hunger and thirst pangs Sound too good to be true? Well, you may change on their long desert trips for thousands of years.
your mind after reading this incredible story about the The amazing plant that tricks the brain by making
South African Bushman and their all-natural century’s old the stomach feel full is called hoodia and it ONLY
grows in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa.
Here’s the story – with a little “embellishing” by
Although the West is just discovering hoodia, the me! Many, many moons ago – let’s say a couple thousand
Bushmen of the Kalahari have been eating it for a very years – there was a South African Bushman. Actually, long time. After all, they have been living off the land in Bushwoman. For lack of a better name, let’s call her Anna southern Africa for more than 100,000 years.
Some of the Bushmen, still live in grass huts, collect Part of being a Bushman/Bushwoman is, every now food and cook it the old fashioned way.
and then, making a trek across the South African desert.
The first scientific investigation of the plant was As you can imagine – it’s not a short trek. It takes several conducted at South Africa’s national laboratory. Because weeks and food and water are scarce.
Bushmen were known to eat hoodia, it was included in a So, before Anna’s first trek, she goes to see the wisest Bushman in her village. She sits down with him, a little "What they found was when they fed it to animals,
the animals ate it and lost weight," says Dr. Richard
“How The Heck Am I Going To Make It All The Way
Dixey, who heads an English pharmaceutical company Across That Huge Desert Without Hardly ANY Food
called Phytopharm that is trying to develop weight-loss Or Water? I’m Gonna Starve To Death!”
That’s when the wise old Bushman revealed his According to Dixey, discovering hoodia’s weight loss secret. He brought Anna a few paces out into the desert benefits took quite some time. Research began way back and pointed to a cactus-like plant and said, in the 60’s. It took the South African national laboratory30 years to isolate and identify the specific appetite- suppressing ingredient in hoodia. When they found it, they unnatural. Over and over we have seen the results change applied for a patent and licensed it to Phytopharm.
and the side effects increase. You cannot isolate the active Phytopharm has spent more than $20 million so far on ingredient, reproduce it in a lab, put it in a pill form and research, including clinical trials with obese volunteers expect it to react in the body the same way it does in its that have yielded promising results. Subjects given hoodia natural form. Things just don’t work that way.
ended up eating about 1,000 calories a day less than those The only reason it is done that way is money. Patent in the control group. That is quite a bit considering the the formula, cheaply reproduce a synthetic version… average American man consumes about 2,600 calories a The other BIG problem here is with the commonly
Basically, when you eat hoodia,
accepted notion that anything that is natural is harmless.
you don’t get hungry.
Herb supplements have been sold under this guise for quite Why would anyone want to patent a plant? Actually, some time. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard in a the patent is not on the plant. It is on the application of the vitamin shop, “it’s safe because it’s all natural!” plant as a weight loss material, and on the active Oh yeah? Last time I checked some of the most toxic substances on the planet were all natural. Poison ivy is all That means no one else but Phytopharm can use natural… wanna go eat some? Snake venom – another safe all natural substance. Mercury --- ENOUGH! You That brings us full circle with our Bushwoman – Anna Nicole Smith. You knew I just didn’t pick her name The point is – ALL DRUGS HAVE SIDE EFFECTS.
Herbs are also chemical compounds. Doesn’t matter they Well, it just so happens that Trimspa is claiming the come from the rain forest or the desert in South Africa.
product she used, that they manufacture, has hoodia in it.
Now I’m not saying not to take supplements. Not at all.
When asked about that in a recent 60 Minutes interview, Dixey said, "This is just straightforward theft. understand what you are taking. That’s why I am here. If That’s what it is. People are stealing data, which they you have any questions… just ask.And as for weight loss
haven’t done, they’ve got no proper understanding of, and I’d rather see you do it with a sensible diet and exercise
sticking on the bottle, when we have assayed these program before you put your health at risk with all these materials, they contain between 0.1 and 0.01 percent of the supplements and drugs. After all – all hoodia does is make active ingredient claimed. But they use the term hoodia on you eat less. MY guess is… you can do that all on your the bottle, of course, so they -- do nothing at all." own! Although I’ve got to tell ya, can’t wait to hear more So Dixey and Phytopharm feel a little ripped off.
about the hoodia saga! I’ll be sure to keep you posted.
Well, they’re not the only ones. It just so happens, the …And don’t forget, if you ever have any questions or
Bushmen, who gave direct information that led to the concerns about your health, talk to us. Contact us with your,
patent, first heard of the patent through a press release.
questions. We’re here to help, and don’t enjoy anything more
And the worst thing was – these impoverished
than participating in your life long good health.
people were not going to be compensated one red cent!
Hmmmmm. Steal from Phytopharm bad. Steal from Acne:
Acne problems can be one of the most Thankfully, however, the Bushmen were able to embarrassing things a young adult can go through. acquire legal counsel and will be getting a percentage ofthe profit.
However, something that I have used successfully in Attempts at synthetically reproducing the compound my practice is a combination of Zinc-Liver Chelate have proven futile. So far, it cannot be made in large enough amounts and is very expensive. So, Phytopharm dramatic effect in as little as one month. has started hoodia plantations in South Africa with the changes need to include getting off of sugar and hopes of harvesting large enough amounts to market. They refined carbohydrates, i.e. Junk Food! This is a must! believe their product will hit the mass weight loss market Finally, a great short term addition is something called Zymex. Zymex helps to clean up the gut. There As you may suspect – I have an opinion… and a
is an old saying, “the skin is a reflection of the warning… about all this weight loss stuff.
condition of the gut.” Zymex helps our body support Here it is: First is about the drug companies’ attempt
the good bacteria in the gut and get rid of the bad. to make a synthetic version of hoodia. There is an inherentproblem taking something found in nature and making it Presented by Westlake Chiropractic, Inc. 27354 Center Ridge Rd. Westlake, OH 44145 (440) 892-2207 What You Don’t Know about OSTEOPOROSIS… But should!
Osteoporosis affects over 25 million people each year 400 IU per day. Now we are learning that there is so and 80% of them are women. As we gain knowledge on much more to vitamin D than we ever imagined. For this disease we find better ways to help young women most people a minimum dose of 4000 IU of D3 should be prevent the development and older women to better deal taken per day, especially for those of us who live up here with it once they have been diagnosed with it. To start, let’s go to the development of a young female’s bones.
Peak bone mass is developed from age 10 to about 25 prescribed for women with osteoporosis.
years old. From that time on, there is a short dormant function of the body is to re-model all of your bones at a phase and then bone mass is slowly and progressively rate of 1% at a time. It takes about 7 years to re-model lost. The more dense bone mass that can be achieved the entire skeleton. To do this, we have cells that break between age 10 and 25 will determine how likely a bone down and cells that build new bone. Osteoporosis woman is to developing this disease.
is a condition when the cells that “eat” bone are in higher this? Well, it’s the diet obviously, but what in the diet is numbers than the ones that are making new bone.
so important? To start with the obvious, calcium intake Fosamax was developed to stop the bone “eaters” and allow the bone makers to keep working. If you have been vegetables and dairy products are our best sources. For prescribed this medication, I would keep taking it for many years we thought that dairy wasn’t as good due to now, but there are concerns about the drug that have to be the pasteurization process, but current sources conclude dealt with that I don’t have the room here to get into. For that this is simply not true. The second source would be a more natural support, the protocol would depend on the age and health of the patient. But, in general, I would previous newsletter that Calcium Lactate is the preferred start with Catalyn which is the organic multivitamin.
young, I would use calcium lactate, if older I would use Calcium carbonate or Calcium Citrate. The next thing in Calcifood which is calcium phosphate. Calcifood is cold the diet of extreme importance is protein and good fats.
processed, biologically active raw bone meal.
Protein, not calcium, is the foundation for bone building.
exactly what you want to use if you need to build bone.
Without adequate protein, bones are hard and brittle.
Next I would add the vitamin D complex.
Protein creates the central core or matrix that the calcium would add something called Biost or Ostrophin. These is laid on. So, whether you are trying to prevent or treat contain the bone protomorphogen along with the mineral osteoporosis, protein in the diet is a must. Next are the good fats. Women tend to be too “fat” conscious today.
Good fats found in butter, olive oil, fish oil, flax seed oil, produce the right kinds of cells you are trying to build.
etc., are what carry the fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin D is Finally, you must get good protein and good fats in the the main fat soluble vitamin that is needed to be able to diet. Without them, you will have a very difficult chance absorb the calcium in our food. It pulls it out of the gut and puts it into the blood stream. But, that’s not where it please call the office and set up a short consultation so ends. For the calcium to be utilized, it has to be then your situation can be discussed personally. Remember, moved from the blood and into the bones. To do this, the age, health, family history, etc., all play a roll in your you need the omega 3 fatty acids, hence, the good fats! treatment. To conclude, my most important request is The next topic is the risk factors. Exceptionally thin that you educate your young daughters and grand- women have a greater risk. Smokers, regular alcohol or daughters. They have only 15 years to build all the bone caffeine drinkers, or people whose diets are high in mass that they will have for LIFE! After age 25, bone phosphates or low in calcium are at greater risk. Family mass building stops so what ever you have accumulated history and a sedentary lifestyle will increase the risk.
by that age will have a tremendous influence on whether Depression affects the function of the intestine and or not you develop osteoporosis later in life. Make sure they are taking in enough calcium rich foods (dairy and dark green veges) and get adequate protein and good fats.
Most young girls avoid all fat because they don’t want to malabsorption of nutrients and decreased vitamin K gain weight. This is a myth! FAT DOES NOT MAKE production. Long term use of corticosteroids also falls YOU FAT! You do not eat fat and convert it into fat.
Excess carbohydrates are converted into blood sugar and known is that osteoporosis may be secondary to chronic then insulin turns it into fat, period! Following a low fat liver or kidney disease. This may have to do with the diet has done nothing but make our country the fattest metabolism and absorption of vitamin D. At one time nation in the world! And, that’s a fact! we thought that vitamin D should be taken at a level of Presented by Westlake Chiropractic, Inc. 27354 Center Ridge Rd. Westlake, OH 44145 (440) 892-2207  The common goldfish is the only animal that can see both infra-red and ultra-violet light.
 Tennessee is bordered by more states than any other. The eight states are Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia,  Des Moines has the highest per capita Jello consumption in the U.S  The geographical center of North America is near Rugby, North Dakota.
 If you stretch a standard Slinky out flat it measures 87 feet long.
 Most Americans' car horns beep in the key of F.
 Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.
 The Statue of Liberty's tablet is two feet thick.
 There are two credit cards for every person in the United States.
 There are only thirteen blimps in the world. Nine of the thirteen blimps are in the United States. The existing biggest blimp is the Fuji  Naugahyde, plastic "leather" was created in Naugatuck, Connecticut.
 The Boston University Bridge (on Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts) is the only place in the world where a boat can sail under a train driving under a car driving under an airplane.
 It is believed that Shakespeare was 46 around the time that the King James Version of the Bible was written. In Psalms 46, the 46th word from the first word is shake and the 46th word from the last word is spear.
 The top layer of a wedding cake, known as the groom's cake, traditionally is a fruit cake. That way it will save until the first anniversary.
Tip of The Month…“5 Tips To Lose Maximum Weight As Fast As Humanly Possible!”
So, it’s a brand New Year and you want to lose a whole bunch of weight… in the blink of an eye. I sure as heck don’t want the “secret” of losing weight slowly. Do you? That’s no secret at all. Well, I’ve got somegood news – and bad.
The good news is – you can lose weight rapidly. The bad news is – you must do it the right way… or else! One of the most important “rules” of weight loss that actually works is…You Can
Not Lose Weight TOO
Why? Because when most people want to lose weight rapidly, they stop eating. If you don’t eat, you will lose weight. Makes sense – right? And, you will lose weight in the beginning. As a matter of fact, you will lose it FAST. Problem is – in order to survive, you have been given innate or inborn abilities to adapt to your surroundings. Forexample, take dark skinned versus light skin. Why are the dark skinned dark? Simply because they live in a place where they areexposed to a lot of sun. They have adapted to dark skin to protect them from the constant and powerful rays of the sun.
The light skinned, however, have adapted in the opposite direction. Since they live in an area that does not get as much direct sunlight, they have lighter, more sun-sensitive skin. Since the sun is one of our most important sources of vitamin D, if they did nothave such light skin, they would become sick.
What does all this have to do with weight loss? Good question.
When you stop eating… or… drastically cut down what you eat – your body adapts. It goes into starvation mode and… SLOWS YOUR METABOLISM DOWN TO A SNAILS PACE!
The end result is: you lose a bunch of weight quickly and then it stops. And here’s the worst part --- as soon as you start eating again (and at some point you have to) you gain it all back and then some.
Most of the time you end up fatter then you were before you starved yourself. So you starve yourself again and end up fatter and What’s the solution? The first thing you have to understand is there is no one answer for everyone. You cannot Everyone has slightly different body types. Some do well with low carbs – others higher levels of “good” carbs.
Whatever you do, you want to change the way you eat and exercise for the rest of your life. The harsh reality is: there are no “diets” you can do for 6-8 weeks, lose a bunch of weight… and then go back to sitting on the couch and eating all the bad foods again.
That being said, here are 5 rules of weight loss:
#1 Don’t try to lose weight fast without checking with your doctor.
If you have any question, feel free to schedule a weight loss
consultation with me.
#2 Don’t have unrealistic weight loss goals. The speed at which you can lose weight (without regaining it) depends on various
factors including: (1) your present weight, (2) your general lifestyle, (3) how active (or inactive) you are, (4) the amount of stress in
your life, and (5) your family history.
#3 Make sure you follow a sensible eating and lifestyle plan… NOT A FAD DIET! Fad “quick fixes” at the very best make you
fatter. At the worst, they can ruin your metabolism and health that can take you years to recover from.
#4 Never go hungry! Like I said before, when we stop eating, our metabolism slows down. Conversely, when we eat many small
meals spaced out throughout the day (as long as it is good food!) our metabolism speeds up. You will actually lose more weight when
you eat more of the right food in 5 small meals a day then if you ate half as much in one or two meals.
#5 Stop eating out! And I’m not just talking about fast food. Most restaurants take good food and add all kinds of junk to make it
taste better and get you fat! Eating at home will save you money and help you shed countless pounds.
A Note On Diets: Diets can change health, but not necessarily sustain health. What I mean is that sometimes you hear that
someone changed their diet and they claim that they feel great! If they don’t know what they are doing, they may just have a temporary
fix to a chronic problem. For example, being a vegetarian can be healthy if done correctly. However, I find way too may vegans to be
extremely deficient in fats and protein. Over time, this causes degeneration of the optic nerve and they go blind. The problem is that it
takes 20 years for this deficiency so show up! Once the degeneration begins, there’s no going back! So, BE CAREFUL!!!
Presented by Westlake Chiropractic, Inc. 27354 Center Ridge Rd. Westlake, OH 44145 (440) 892-2207



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