BJM Global Philosophy and ProcessBJM Global Funds Investing Offshore with BJM Private Client Services BJM Private Client Services offer four managed global funds, each Global Equity
of these having a distinct risk return profile designed to meet clients differing We follow a multi-managed approach and use Rand Merchant Bank Global Growth
International as our administrators and advisors.
d USD retu
Funds are managed based on the following philosophy and process: Global Balanced
Global Secure
p.a expecte 5.5
■ Risk return profiles improve with a broader array of asset classes.
■ Investment styles differ in their effectiveness at different stages of the % volatility
■ Active management success is dependent on the efficiencies of markets, Based on expected returns for asset categories. We would expect to achieve higher returns than reflected above.
■ Managers that adhere to their stated investment style, produce better long- term relative returns than those who attempt to alter style to suit current ■ A multi manager approach is appropriate.
■ More focus is placed on active management in markets with a deeper set of ■ Only managers that have a clearly defined and well-articulated philosophy adhered to on a consistent basis are considered.
■ Complementary manager styles are blended to capture above market returns and avoid index replication.
Strategic asset allocation constitutes the most important step in portfolio construction. Efficient funds are built by combining asset classes that vary in response to the forces that drive markets. Funds have been constructed with differing asset category weightings to meet specific risk profiles.
Worst Equity
Best Equity
Average Equity

Worst Global Growth
■ Degrees of efficiency are assessed to determine approach to each Best Global Growth
■ Investment styles are researched and those styles likely to be Average Global Growth
successful in each asset class are identified.
Worst Global Balanced
Best Global Balanced
■ Managers who are skilful exponents of strategies are identified.
Average Global Balanced
■ Manager combining and portfolio c nstruction Worst Global Secure
■ Managers must have complementary, not offsetting characteristics.
Best Global Secure
Average Global Secure
■ Ensures that there is no deviation from the stated process.
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Prox1 gene variant is associated with fasting glucose change after antihypertensive treatment

PROX1 Gene Variant is Associated with Fasting GlucoseYan Gong,1* Caitrin W. McDonough,1 Amber L. Beitelshees,2 Jason H. Karnes,3 Jeffrey R. O’Connell,2Stephen T. Turner,4 Arlene B. Chapman,5 John G. Gums,1,6 Kent R. Bailey,4 Eric Boerwinkle,7 Julie A. Johnson,1,6 and Rhonda M. Cooper-DeHoff,1,61Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research and Center for Pharmacogenomics, Universi

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