Gdyo 1998 tour of great britain

GDYO Europe Tour 2012 - Preliminary Packing List
(.to stimulate your thinking about what to pack.and what to leave at home.) Suitcase – one small or medium sized with wheels and pull handle 50 lbs max, 61 linear inches max
(length+width+thickness)—but do everything possible to make it smaller than this
Note: $150 charge for overweight!! YOU will be carrying your own suitcase and we will see many stairs, very few elevators, and no bellhops! Hotel rooms are small – limited room for luggage.
Carry-on bag – 45” total (length+width+hgt) This will be your instrument if you play violin, viola, flute,
oboe, clarinet, french horn, trumpet and possibly trombone. If you carry-on the above instruments, you
will not be allowed to carry on another bag other than a very small purse or fanny pack. (We will give you
more instructions about this later.)
Jacket - One light-weight, water resistant, hooded? One pair of tennis shoes or other comfortable shoes—see below about concert shoes— Sweatshirt?—they take up lots of space-may not be necessary if your jacket will suffice Jeans—or lightweight pants—track pants, gym pants, jogging pants—total 2-3 pair Shirts / T-shirts (no offensive messages on T shirts, please / avoid US flags)—total 5-6 Shorts – (girls, longer than you might wear here) 3-4 pair One "nice" outfit (appropriate for a nice restaurant) Underwear – 6 sets Concert attire --For 6 concerts -- Bring a light-weight garment bag for concert clothes on the bus
One black tuxedo or black suit 2-3 white shirts 1 black bow tie 1 pair comfortable black dress shoes 3 pairs black socks 2 sets of Concert Dress: black full length dresses with long sleeves or black skirts or slacks and long sleeved black blouses 1 pair comfortable black dress shoes – think walking to concert hall black hose/black dress socks 1 black dress sweater Toiletries (in small or trial sizes) including: over the counter medicines such as Dramamine, Tylenol,
Advil, cough/sore throat lozenges, ointment for cuts and bandaids, Kleenex, 1-2 ziplock type plastic bags
(for wet things)- TSA travel restrictions for liquids & gels <3.4 oz, 1qt clear bag

Washcloth if desired-- hotels have towels, soap and shampoo but may not have washcloths
Plug converter and voltage converter if required for personal care appliances
Camera /extra batteries / memory cards small umbrella?
Extra pair of eyeglasses and/or contacts and a copy of your eye prescription
Light-weight backpack – pack in your suitcase and use on bus in Europe –repack for trip home
Possible gifts for presenting to German music students - price range of $5.00 - $15.00
Texas and Dallas memorabilia including craft items, key chains, note cards, stationery, coasters and trivets, playing cards (more info later, don’t purchase anything now)
ESTIMATED SPENDING MONEY (we will update this as it changes)
12 snacks, after concerts, late afternoons… Other expenses (including such things as 3-4 optional museum entrance charges, public transportation, snacks, souvenirs, personal/family gifts) Tips--$5 for bus driver & $10 for bus guide (more info later)


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HEMOPET/HEMOLIFE 11330 Markon Drive, Garden Grove, California 92841 TREATMENT OF BLEEDING DISORDERS VON WILLEBRAND’S DISEASE (VWD) For short-term control of bleeding or prophylaxis for dogs at risk to bleed from vWD (vonWillebrands disease):1. For elective procedures, assess bleeding potential first with a toenail or mucosal bleeding time. Normal2. Use L-thyroxine therapy at 0.1 m

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