Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae
August 16, 2012 Medical Licenses: Texas: J0175 DUNS #: 96-060-3116 Board Certifications: Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology #32715 Diplomate American Board of Pain Management Certification: Certified for outpatient management of opioid dependency. Fellowship Training: Pain Management University of Texas Health Science Center University of Texas Health Science Center University of Texas Health Science Center Publications/ Research: Brett R Stacey, Graves T Owen, J David Sinclair, Kyle D Tipton, Ronald Glick, Gabapentin for Neuropathic Pain. Regional Anesthesia. 1996;(21, 2S):65. Owen GT, Burton AW, Schade CM, Passik SD. Urine Drug Testing: Current Recommendations and Best Practices. Pain Physician. 2012;15:ES119-ES133. Owen GT, Schade CM, Burton AW, Day M, Crocket K. Texas Pain Society White Paper: Utilization of Texas Prescription Monitoring Program. 08.23.12. Texas Pain Society/Texas Medical Association; Pain Medicine: State of the Art 2011. Printed and distributed by Texas Medical Association. Submitted. Awards: Runner Up “Get a Life” award presented 10.31.2010 at 2nd Annual Texas Pain Society Scientific Meeting in Bastrop, Texas “Get a Life” award presented 11.06.2011 at 3rd Annual Texas Pain Society Scientific Meeting in Bastrop, Texas Certificate of appreciation by the Texas Pain Society for working with the 82nd Texas Legislative Session presented 11.06.2011 at 3rd Annual Texas Pain Society Scientific Meeting in Bastrop, Texas Speaker Experience: Assessing the Risk of Substance Abuse. Speaker for Janssen. Cymbalta for the Management of Fibromyalgia. Eli Lilly Speaker. Hypogonadism: Testosterone Deficiency (TD) in Males. Auxilium Speaker. Ultram ER (tramadol HCL) Extended-Release Tablets: An Innovative Approach to Persistent Pain. PriCara Speaker.
Efficacy and Cost Efficacy of Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Programs. St.
David’s Medical Center, Grand Rounds, June 18, 1997.
Efficacy and Cost Effectiveness of Interdisciplinary Pain Management Programs Using a
Biopsychosocial Model Compared to the Traditional Medical Model for Chronic Painful
Spinal Conditions. Pain Management Guest Speaker for Add a Day for TMA, Texas
Academy of Family Practice April, 23rd, 1998.
Efficacy of Interdisciplinary Pain Management. University of Texas Health Care System-
Houston. Pain Management Grand Rounds. March 2, 1999.
Efficacy of Interdisciplinary Pain Management. Seton Health Care System. Grand
Rounds. Barton Creek Country Club. March 4, 2000.
Conservative Treatments for Painful Conditions. Texas Pain Society, Regional Meeting
on Pain Management, Round Rock, TX June 6, 2009.
Senate Bill 911; Certification of pain management clinics in Texas. TxPAIN, Texas Pain
Advocacy & Information Network, Stakeholders Meeting, American Cancer Society.
April 8-9, 2010.
Chronic Opioid Therapy: Clinical Management Strategies. Paradigm-Travelers Summit.
St. Paul. MN 2010. September 14, 2010.
Urine Drug Testing in Pain Management, 28th Annual Pain Symposium, Texas Tech
University Health Science Center, June 10-12, 2011.
How Did the 82nd Texas Legislative Session Change Pain Management? Presented at
Austin Pain Society. August 25, 2011, Austin, Texas.
Urine Drug Testing in Pain Management. San Antonio Pain Society. Presented in San
Antonio, Texas on September 8, 2011.
Clinical Application of Psychometric Testing in Pain Management. Presented at Texas
Society of Anesthesiologist Annual Conference. September 09, 2011 in San Antonio,
What is the difference between a pain clinic and a pill mill? Legislative Outreach
Lecture. Austin, Texas September 30, 2011.
Urine Drug Testing: Panel Update. Presented at the Texas Pain Society 3rd Annual
Scientific Meeting (November 4th-6th) on 11.05.11 in Bastrop, Texas.
Medical Marijuana- Science or Dogma? Discussant for presenting fellow’s presentation,
Presented at the 29th Annual Texas Tech Pain Symposium held on June 2nd, 2012.
Analysis of 162 preventable lethal drug overdoses in 2011 in the Travis County area with following discussion of how opioids and controlled drug cocktails are being are over-utilized and result in a public safety crisis with suggestions for corrective actions. A Travis Count Medical Examiners and Texas Pain Society joint presentation to Texas Association of Family Physicians, Commission on Public Health, Clinical Affairs, and Research. 63rd Annual Session & Scientific Assembly, Texas Academy of Family Physicians. Austin, Texas 07.12.2012 Accidental drug overdose deaths in Travis and surrounding counties during 2011. A joint presentation of the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office and Texas Pain Society. August 23, 2012. Austin, Texas. A presentation to local chapters of Texas Academy of Family Practice, Texas Osteopathic Medical Association, Texas College of Emergency Physicians, and Austin Pain Society. Work Experience: 09.05.1995 to 12.01.2011; Texas Pain Rehabilitation Institute, PA (an interdisciplinary pain management clinic) 02.01.2008 to present; Paradigm Medical Director (Pain Management) 05.26.2009 to present; Member, Advisory Board, DoctorsSafeguard.Com 09.02.10 to 08.31.12; Medical Quality Review Panel Member, Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers Compensation, Office of Medical Advisor 02.11.11 to present; Arbiter (Quality Assurance Panel), Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers Compensation, Office of Medical Advisor 02.24.11 to present; Peer reviewer, Pain Medicine. Journal of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. 12.01.11 to present; Addiction Medicine, limited to opioid dependency (outpatient Suboxone treatment) 03.12.12 to present; Editorial Advisory Board, Official Disability Guidelines (Work Loss Data Institute) 03.22.12 to present; Aviation Medical Examiner Professional Associations: American Pain Society American Academy of Pain Medicine American Academy of Pain Management Texas Medical Association Texas Pain Society Austin Pain Society Civil Aviation Medical Association Aerospace Medical Association Leadership Roles: President-Elect Texas Pain Society, 2011-12 Member, Board of Directors, Texas Pain Society, 2009-2012 Founder: Austin Pain Society President: Austin Pain Society, 2007-2008 Chairman, Membership Committee, Texas Pain Society, 2011-2012 Chairman Legislative Committee, Austin Pain Society, 2008-present Legislative Committee, Texas Pain Society, 2008-present Educational Committee (TPS Annual Meeting Steering Committee), Texas Pain Society, 2010-present. Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Task Force (American Pain Society), 2005 Reviewed the proposed policy for Interventional Pain Management for Texas Health & Human Services Commission, Office of Medicaid/CHIP. September 2009. Represented Texas Pain Society in constructing and presenting suggestions for pain management procedures requiring informed consent and suggested risks from such procedures to the Texas Medical Disclosure Panel Meeting, Texas Department of Health Services, 04.23.2010, Austin, Texas Advocated for urine drug testing in pain management to Clinical Advisory Committee for Trailblazer, February 2011. Represented Texas Pain Society as a stakeholder/participant in Texas Association of Business (TAB) Alliance for Responsible Drug Use, 11.11.11 in Austin, Texas at TAB headquarters. Chairman and lead author, Resolution Committee for Responsible Opioid Prescribing in Pain Management to be introduced to TMA, TPS, (2012). Resolution 313 adopted by TMA on May 19, 2012. Will represented Texas Pain Society at National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 09.25.12


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