Equipment used and carried along the GHT & Additional Useful Planning Information- Version 2 Dated 12 Sep 13
Ser Equipment
Great rucksack, comfortable and robust but a little heavy. A 75L would have been sufficient too.
Essential to allow you to put your rucksack into your tent without it being wet Orange - could be used to highlight location in event of an emergency. Also double up as a bivvy 4 multiple dry bags for clothes and equipment Great battery life and good quality of photos 8 Spare SD cards, USB stick, SD fitting USB for transferring photos onto computer Essential, but ensure you package to prevent breaking it Allowed me to fasten to rucksack waist band Take spare cable that goes from the solar to the battery. Plus all cables for iPOD, phone, kindle, Yellowbrick. Only 5.4v max charge so cannot charge large camera batteries.
Used to house AA and AAA batteries whilst charging them through the Power Monkey Extreme 16 Rechargeable 4 x AA and 6 x AAA batteries Powered through USB lead therefore solar set could charge it.
Ideally buy one piece gortex leather with limited stitching as the boots will take a hammering early in Useful to prevent water and snow getting over into the boots and lightweight too.
Communication Amazing piece of equipment allowing me to show my exact location and send messages from all locations along the trek. The one where you can send and receive emails and texts and update Communication Used for music, POD Casts and linking with the Yellowbrick for sending messages Communication Used Nameste SIMs. Would recommend also taking Sky, Hello Nepal and 24 Thuriya Satellite phone with solar panel Communication Essential, although didnt use.
25 Lightweight luminous Ronhill running jacket Carried in case of emergency i.e. if needed to be rescued. 26 Emergency high pitched whistle on cord Used to attract attention in event of emergency i.e. if fell off the main track - never used though To signal helicopters or to people in the event of an emergency - never used though Used to attract attention at night and mark location in the event of an emergancy - never used Ensure its waterproofed before you start and that there is enough space inside for you and your kit. Although I only used it around 10 times on the trek it offers security from the weather. 30 Thermarest concertina foam sleeping mat Essential for cold nights and keeping your bag clean 32 Small washing up liquid, cloth and scouring pad.
33 -12C lightweight synthetic sleeping bag This was sufficient especially when used with the liner and wearing clothes. 36 MSR Dragonfly multifuel stove with wide break 37 1l MSR fuel bottle with kerosine and spare rubber seal 40 Food - Noodles, pasta. rice, soup, coffee, sugar, I would mainly eat local biscuits for lunch 42 Emergency food - 3 x 80g Kendel mint cake bars 43 Sawyer Europe water purification unit with 2 x large bladder bags Wide top is useful for when the water freezes it wont stop you from using it 45 2 x North Face lightweight zip off trousers Essential as most of the time I was in shorts Used for warmth and to keep the sun off neck Great for airing feet at night and river crossings and if required I could have used them for trekking if Ensure tight and allow for loosing lot of weight 2 were for hot climates and 1 slighter thicker for altitude 51 2 x Smartwool marino wool long sleeved, zipped tops Essential as they dry pretty quickly and they significantly reduce odor 52 Eider lightweight down jacket with fitted hood.
It worked but ideally should have bought a lighter jacket and ones with underarm zips 55 Lightweight trail peaked cap with neck sun guard 59 - Plasters, bandages, Zinc oxide tape, 62 - Imodium (Loperamide) 2mg capsules x20 68 - Brolene (propamidine) eye drops x 1x 10ml bottle Never under estimate the strenuous activity you will be doing 75 - Compeed (although should only be used in emergency. 86 Sowing kit, incl tough thread, buttons, thimble, safety pins and strong needles 88 Wash kit - nail clippers, small soap, small shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush (with cap), 15 Misc cotton buds, small Lifeventure extra small travel towel 89 Complete map pack - Himalaya Map House in KTM These cost around NCR 1000 each and are most 1:125,000 and 1:150,000. They are waterproofed and good as far as Nepali maps go. Recommend you get better 1:50,000 maps for the Lumbha Sumba Pass (Kanchenjunga to Makalu section), Tashi Labsta (Cross over from Sagamathe into Rolwaling), crossing the Myangal Bhanjyang and heading to Yarsa (far western side of Dhading District / Ganesh Himal section, before entering into Mansalu National Park), Average weight of rucksack was 25kg (55lb)
Ser Hired kit
Hired in Thame village for crossing the Tashi Labsta - used for a couple of hours only. Depending on the weather you might not need to take these with you. I didnt need them for the route that I took (see the route that I took to compare routes), also consider the time of year and local advise. The Additional Details for Planning
Ser Additional Details
Held in Kathmandu with friends ready to be moved forward if required Held in Kathmandu with friends ready to be moved forward if required Held in Kathmandu with friends ready to be moved forward if required - I started the trip carrying around NCR 40,000. I distributed this around my person and my bag.
- I got another NCR 30,000 through a hotel bank transfer (frined in Kathmandu transferred money to
a hotel) in Lukla.
- I received another NCR 30,000 in person from my friend who visited me in Bharabesi (north of
KTM). - I took NCR 25,000 out of the ATM in Syprubesi, Langtang.
- Final hotel bank transfer of NCR 25,000 came in Kagbeni, Annapurna.
- When I finally finished and got back to Simikot to wait for my flight I have over NCR 30,000 left.
Note you need a good reserve to keep you afloat in Simikot because flights can be delayed for days.
5 Known ATM Locations
6 - Phungling Bazaar (Taplejung). Not overly reliable as it doesnt work all of the time 7 - Lukla bazaar, Sagamatha National Park 8 - Namche Bazaar, Sagamatha National Park 11 - Jomsom, Annapurna National Park (although slightly off the GHT, south of Kagbeni) Money12 - Jumla Bazaar, Jumla 13 - Possibly Ghamghadi, Jumla near Lake Rara and Simikot, Humla - but could not Money
be sure on this.
14 Rough guide to daily expenditure - note I only really ate biscuits for lunch so allow
more than these. (approx only)
15 - In the east, eg Taplejung, approx NCR 1000 in the lower part, 1500 in the
The further north you get to Kanchenjunga base camp the more expensive things are northern parts, 2000 in Lhonak
16 - Everest Region approx NCR 2000
Everything here is expensive compared to the rest of the trail. You cant help but treat yourself too.
17 - Rolwaling and Helambu Regions approx NCR 1200
18 - Langtang Region NCR 1200
Note I only did the south-west part of Langtang so other areas maybe more expensive 19 - Ganesh region NCR 1200
20 - Manasalu NCR 1400 in lower regions, 2000 near the pass
21 - Annapurna NCR 1200
22 - Lower Dolpa NCR 1100
23 - Jumla NCR 1100
24 Typical things you can get from local shops along the trail
26 - local biscuits - would vary from NCR 20 - 50 to 200 in Everest area near base camp Local 27 - Noodles - would vary from NCR 30 - 100 to 200 in Everest area near base camp 28 - Coke - vary from NCR 70 - 200 to 400 in Everest area near base camp 29 - Cooked dhal bhat (local rice, lentals and vegetables (no meat)) NCR 150 - 300 to 600 near Kanchenjunga base camp and Everest base camp Better than nothing but not as good as the Loctite flexible glue 33 - disposable AA, AAA and 12v cell batts. These are not great for power and life.
My GPS would only last for around 4-5 hrs with local AAA batteries.
35 - Tea per cup - vary from NCR 10 - 50 to 150 at altitude


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