Transport Document for Lithium Batteries in Section IB and II
Air Waybill / HAWB:

Cell – electrochemical unit, consisting of an anode and a cathode, capable of generating electrical current Lithium ion cells/batteries – rechargeable – includes lithium polymer cells/batteries Lithium metal cells/batteries – generally non-rechargeable This package contains lithium cells or batteries in the following configuration (tick applicable box): Lithium Ion - Maximum of
Lithium Metal – Maximum of
20 Watt-hours per cell; and
1 gram of lithium metal per cell; and
100 Watt-hours per battery
2 grams of lithium per battery
Cells or batteries only (ICAO/IATA Packing
Cells or batteries only (ICAO/IATA Packing
Instruction 965, Section II)Cells or
Instruction 968, Section II) – Cells or
batteries in a package, without electronic batteries in a package, without electronic Package Limit:
Package Limit:
Cells or batteries only (ICAO/IATA UN 3480
Cells or batteries only (ICAO/IATA UN 3090
Packing Instruction 965, Section IB)Cells
Packing Instruction 968, Section IB)Cells
or batteries in a package, without electronic or batteries in a package, without electronic _____packages x ______kg gross each
_____packages x _______ kg gross each
Packed with equipment (ICAO/IATA
Packed with equipment (ICAO/IATA
Packing Instruction 966, Section II)Cells
Packing Instruction 969, Section II)Cells
or batteries contained in a package with or batteries contained in a package with associated battery-powered equipment – with the batteries not installed in the equipment Contained in equipment (ICAO/IATA
Contained in equipment (ICAO/IATA
Packing Instruction 967, Section II)
Packing Instruction 970, Section II)
> 4 Cells or 2 batteries installed in equipment  This package must be handled with care. A flammability hazard exists if the package is damaged.  If this package is damaged in transportation, it must not be loaded until the condition of the contents can be verified. The batteries contained in this package must be inspected for damage and may only be repacked if they are intact and protected against short circuits.  For more information about the batteries contained in this package, call the following telephone number: ____________________________________________________________ List telephone number here, including area code and any applicable country code
Name / Signature: ________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________ Note:
This document may be used for Section IB as a transition period until 31 March 2014 in lieu of using a Shipper’
Declaration. For Section II must be used only until 31st Dec. 2013.


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