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M.B.B.Ch, Cairo University, with honors
M.Sc. in Dermatology and Venereology, Cairo University
M.D. in Dermatology, Cairo University


As'ad Al-Hamad Dermatology Center, Al-Sabah Hospital
Consultant Dermatologist
1996 – Present
1991 – Present
Head of Dermatology Unit 1991 – 1996

Dermatology Council, Ministry of Health
1993 – 2006

Al-Farwania Hospital
Acting Head of Dermatology Unit
1986 – 1990
Assistant Head of Dermatology Unit 1988-1990

Al-Sabah Hospital
Senior Registrar, Department of Dermatology
1986 – 1988

Al-Sabah Hospital
Registrar, Department of Dermatology
1979 – 1986
Resident, Department of Dermatology 1976 – 1979
Resident, Department of Pediatrics 1975 – 1976
Mar – Nov


Examination Committee of the Arab Scientific Board for Specialization in Dermatology
and Venereology, Vice Chairman
Scientific Committee of the Arab Board for Specialization in Dermatology and
Venereology, Member
Permanent National Committee for AIDS, Member of Scientific Committee


Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization, Member of the Board
Advisory Council in the Ministry of Health, Member
Gulf Journal of Dermatology, Editor
Higher Committee for Medicines, Ministry of Health, Member
Hospital Accreditation Committee, Ministry of Health, Member


• Member of the Kuwait Medical Association • Member of the American Academy of Dermatology • Former Assistant Secretary General, Pan Arab Society of Dermatologists • Former Vice President and Secretary General of Kuwait Society of Dermatologists • Former Representative of Kuwait Society of Dermatologists in the International League of • Member of the International Society of Tropical Dermatology • Representative of Kuwait Society of Dermatologists in the Executive Committee of the League of Dermatologists in the G.C.C. States • Representative of Kuwait Society of Dermatologists in the Executive Board of the Pan • Former Representative of Kuwait Society of Dermatologists in the Executive Board of the Pan Arab Society of Andrological Sciences.

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NEUROSURGERY REVISION KEY TOPICS 1. Neurological examination 2. Special investigations 3. General care 4. Head Injury 5. Cerebrovascular disease 6. Brain tumour 7. Neurosurgical infections 8. Spinal disease 9. Congenital abnormalities 10. Functional neurosurgery 1. Neurological examination : Refer to a standard textbook on clinical neurological examination. 2. Special investigations

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