Craig l

Craig Black
18 Kay Court, Monroe, NJ 08831 908-578-7736 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Accounts: ACTONEL (osteoporosis), ADVIL (pain/fever), CATALENT PHARMA SOLUTIONS (brand refresh),
Children's ADVIL (pain/fever), DIOVAN (hypertension), DUEXIS (rheumatoid arthritis/osteoarthritis), EXJADE (iron
), FLUZONE (influenza), IMOGAM (rabies), IMOVAX (rabies), i-STAT (bedside blood testing system),
LIVALO (cholesterol), LYRICA (generalized anxiety disorder), MENACTRA (meningococcal disease), THE NET
(unbranded initiative for neuroendocrine tumor patients/HCPs), NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS CORP.
(cross-cultural marketing), NUTROPIN (human growth hormone), ONSOLIS (breakthrough cancer pain), PION INC.
(corporate branding), PREVNAR 13 (invasive pneumococcal disease), PRISTIQ (depression/menopause), RAINBOW
(dissolution monitor), SANOFI-AVENTIS (employee recognition program), SAPHRIS (bipolar
), SNARECOIL (bone marrow biopsy needle), SOLUTIONS FOR WELLNESS (unbranded
initiative for severe mental illness patients/HCPs), SUBOXONE Film (opioid dependence), SUBOXONE Tablet (opioid
), TS CONNECT (unbranded initiative for tuberous sclerosis patients/HCPs), TYKERB (breast cancer),
TYPHIM (typhoid fever), VALCYTE (cytomegalovirus), YF-VAX (yellow fever), ZEVALIN (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma)
FLASHPOINT MEDICA, New York, NY (2007–2009)
Group Copy Supervisor
Accounts: CYPHER Stent (coronary artery disease), DePUY (orthopedic devices), TUSSIONEX (cough), VALSTAR
(bladder cancer)
ICC, Parsippany, NJ (2007)
Group Copy Supervisor
Accounts: DIOVAN (hypertension), DIOVAN HCT

GREY HEALTHCARE GROUP, New York, NY (2005–2007)
Group Copy Supervisor
Account: OMNARIS (allergic rhinitis)
NOESIS (part of CommonHealth), Morristown, NJ (2001–2005)
Copy Supervisor
Accounts: BETASERON (multiple sclerosis), ELIDEL US (eczema), ELIDEL Global
Sr. Copywriter
Account: ELIDEL US
Accounts: CEFTIN (sinusitis/acute otitis media), ELIDEL US, ZANAFLEX (spasticity)
TORRE LAZUR, Parsippany, NJ (1998–2001)
Accounts: AMPLICOR (PCR test), PEGASYS (hepatitis C), pegylation (Pegasys)
Jr. Copywriter
Accounts: ACIPHEX (acid reflux), ARAVA (rheumatoid arthritis), PEGASYS, pegylation

HARRISON WILSON & ASSOCIATES, Parsippany, NJ (1997–1998)
Jr. Copywriter
Accounts: COMBIPATCH (hormone-replacement therapy), EXELON (Alzheimer’s disease), LESCOL (cholesterol),
LIFESCAN (blood-glucose meters), OXANDRIN (disease-related weight loss)
GLOUCESTER COUNTY TIMES, Woodbury, NJ (1996–1997)
Staff Writer: Covered news in 6 Gloucester County municipalities and statewide
Bachelor of Arts in English (Concentration in Journalism) University of Delaware, Newark, DE Continuing Education School of Visual Arts, New York, NY Copywriting Concepting Creative Direction


Microsoft word - 52-40011-000 patient manual.docx

for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with the NeuroStar TMS Therapy® System   This  Depression  Patient’s  Manual  is  a  supplement  to  the  NeuroStar  TMS  System  User  Manual.   It  does  not  take  the  place  of  consultation  and  advice  from  your  physician.  For  a  complete  discussion  of


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