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Tips for those who take medication
medicine to help you with a mental how much, what time of day, and whether health problem, it’s important to be or not you should take your medication informed. Many things can affect how with food. If you don’t know, ask your well your medication works for you. doctor. Smoking, alcohol and drug use, over the
D O N ’ T T A K E A N O T H E R
counter medication and even the food you eat can change the effectiveness of PERSON'S MEDICATION - What
works for a friend may not work for you. It can even harm you. Only take medicine The following are some general that is prescribed for you. suggestions. For more complete information, talk with your doctor, We’ve also listed some special measures therapist or pharmacist. you should take if you are taking certain TAKE YOUR MEDS -
taking your medication, even if you feel ANTI-PSYCHOTIC MEDICATION
(Newer ones include Clozaril, Olanzapine, Risperdol and others. Older ones include become worse and end up in the Prolixin, Mellaril, Thorazine, and others) hospital. Always avoid alcohol. Most of these drugs DON’T IGNORE SIDE EFFECTS alcohol increases the drowsy effect. Large
If your medication makes you feel bad,
amounts of caffeine (contained in coffee, doctor may also want to try another medications less effective. medication with fewer side effects or suggest ways to manage the side effects.
Depakote, Tegretol) With Lithium, use ALWAYS KEEP A SUPPLY OF caffeine and salt in moderation. Changes
MEDICINE - Running out of in caffeine or salt intake can change your
medicine (even for a few days) is bad for
greater risk for Lithium toxicity. Lithium toxicity happens when the drug builds up you run out. Don’t wait until the last drinking lots of fluids (6 to 8 glasses of water per day). If you are taking Depakote
help your body use the medication. This is a healthy habit for anyone on medication.
Valium, Librium, Tranxene, Serax and others). You should never drink alcohol if you are taking medication for anxiety or panic disorders. Drinking alcohol can put you at risk of overdose or even death. Taking too much caffeine also causes these drugs to ANTIDEPRESSANTS (Newer ones
includeProzac, Zoloft, Paxil, and others. Older ones include Tofranil, Elavil, Sinequan, Nardil, Parnate and others) Alcohol can interfere with the action of these medications. Some also cause dry mouth and constipation. Gum helps with the dry mouth. Eating leafy vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables will help to avoid constipation.
medication for mental health problems makes people very sensitive to the sun. When the weather is very hot, try to stay indoors. If you have to be outside, drink plenty of fluids (6 to 8 glasses of water a day) and always use sunscreen. Most medicines for mental health problems do not mix well with alcohol or street drugs. You should always avoid alcohol and street These are only general guidelines. If you are having side effects from the medication, take action by informing your care manager, therapist or doctor. Some side effects are only a nuisance, while other side effects can be dangerous. If you believe you are having a medical emergency related to your medication, call your doctor immediately or call the 800-804-5008.
Colorado Health Networks believes that people can and do recover from mental illness. That is why we created Tools for Recovery. Tools for Recovery is a series of tip sheets that are written by and for consumers about issues, opportunities and obstacles people face in their recovery from mental illness. These tip sheets are available through your mental health center or by calling the Access to Care Line at 1-800-804-5008


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