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(Extramural peer reviewed support in bold) "The use of a microtransducer catheter in studying the hydrodynamics of micturition." General Research Support, University Hospital, 1977 "A pharmacologic study of the mechanism of erection." General Research Support Grant, University Hospital, "Microtransducer analysis of urethral flow." NIH No. 2 RO1
AM 25781-01 GMB,
National Institute of Arthritis,
Metabolism, Digestive Diseases
, 1979-1980
"Microtransducer analysis of urethral flow in canine model."
Veterans Administration Merit Review, 1980-1981
"Bacteriologic, urodynamic and psychosocial aspects of chronic prostatitis." "Effect of phenoxybenzamine on lower urinary tract function in spinal cord injury." "Neuropharmacologic mechanisms of penile erection."
Veterans Administration Merit Review, 1984-1990
"Position stable penile prosthesis." Veterans Administration, Dacomed, 1987-1988 "Metabolic, pharmacologic, ultrastructural study of human corpora cavernosa." "Comparison of cefoperazone/sulbactam with ticarcillin/clavulanic acid in UTI." "A double blind placebo controlled study to determine the safety and efficacy of Casodex (ICI 176,334) in benign prostatic hyperplasia." Veterans Affairs, ICI Pharmaceuticals, 1989 "Incision and balloon dilation of the prostate." "Permanent urethral stent in spinal cord injured patients." Boston University Medical Center, Advanced Surgical Intervention, 1990 "Magnetic resonance imaging in veno-occlusive dysfunction in impotent men." "Neuropharmacologic and hemodynamic mechanisms of
penile erection."

Veterans Affairs Merit Review, 1990-1993
"Casodex versus flutamide in metastatic prostate cancer." Veterans Affairs, ICI Pharmaceuticals, 1992-1995 "Nuclear matrix proteins in urine for detection of cancer." "Pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction due to
hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis." -co-investigator
with K. Azadzoi, MD

National Institutes of Health, FIRST AWARD, 1992-1997.
"Measurement of human bladder blood flow." "A one-year, multicenter, double blind study of two dose levels of epristeride or placebo on the voiding detrusor pressure in bladder outflow obstruction due to benign prostatic hyperplasia." Veterans Affairs, SmithKline Beecham, 1993-1995 "Evaluation of nitric oxide donors in treatment of impotence: an animal model." "Evaluation of a new electrode for transurethral prostatectomy." "Prostate Cancer Awareness Survey." Veterans Affairs, Mass Dept of Public Health, 1995 "A Urodynamic Methodology Trial in Incontinent Patients with Detrusor Hyperreflexia." Boston University Medical Center, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. "Fluid absorption during TURP and TUVP using 1% alcohol tagged irrigant." "Trial of interferon-alpha plus BCG vs. BCG in aggressive superficial bladder cancer." "Nilutamide 150 mg/day vs 300 mg/day in metastatic prostate cancer." "Single-blind dose escalation trial of tolterodine." "The role of hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis in
erectile dysfunction."

Veterans Affairs Merit Review, 1998-2000
"Effect of SB223412 on ischemia-induced detrusor instability" "Trial of tolterodine and anticholinergic therapy in patients with BPH" “Effect of Doxazosin on ischemia-induced prostate smooth muscle hyperactivity” Competitive award from Pfizer, 2000-2001 “Safety and efficacy of Storz Rotoresect in management of benign prostatic hyperplasia” Karl Storz America, 2000 “Interaction of Doxazosin with NO-cGMP pathway:diminished prostate smooth
muscle hyperactivity”
Competitive award from Pfizer, 2001-2002

Molecular mechanisms in arteriogenic erectile dysfunction”
Veterans Affairs Merit Review, 2001-2004

Role of ischemia in bladder overactivity and fibrosis”
National Institutes of Health 1R01AG/DK17165-01A1, 2000-2004


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