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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"#$!%&'#!()*&+,-.!/,'0,-#12334! Well, first and foremost, I invite each and every one of you reading this to get on the Internet and see if you can find IONIC ALFALFA. Alfalfa is not just for horses and cows any more! You are not going to find it! It is a new and proprietary formula exclusive to Isagenix. There is no food on earth as beneficial as IONIC ALFALFA. It is perhaps Nature’s most perfect food! After years of research IONIC ALFALFA has come to the forefront as perhaps the most powerful superfood on earth. It has evolved! The “Cleanse for Life Superjuice” is a new category of juice” - A juice that does not simply address a particular symptoms but offers a cleansing, nutrient-dense solution for the whole body – Cleanse for Life is a complete and balanced juice! I call it the “Intelligent Juice” because it does what it has to do in the body at the right time. Here are 30 extraordinary benefits:
1. It is a “ Functional-Cleansing Superjuice” that helps the body cleanse ALL the fluids of the body, including the blood as well as the intestines and the colon. Do other juices do that? 2. Contains botanicals that are rich in systemic enzymes (systemic simply means from within - special enzymes that help manage and control impurities). Do other juices do that? 3. Contains a special blend of herbal teas that help the body control parasites and parasite waste in the body. There are about 70 trillion cells in the body and many more parasites. Isagenix has addressed this challenge with a unique blend of botanicals proven to help the body control parasites. Is there one juice on the market that can do this? 4. Contains unique botanicals that are rich in antioxidants (botanicals that fight free radicals) and glyco-sugars (xylose and galactose) 5. Alfalfa and aloe vera are rich in chlorophyll (Isagenix uses a proprietary pure blend of concentrated alfalfa juice and low temperature - spray dried aloe vera from the inner heart fillet of the leaf). Is there any juice out there that has chlorophyll? 6. Alfalfa and aloe vera are rich in fatty acids (aloe is also great for burns) and work synergistically together. What they do in the body is remarkable. Is there any juice on the market that combines aloe and ionic alfalfa? Not a chance! 7. Alfalfa and aloe vera contain a unique molecular structure of proteins, including 20 amino acids - 8 are essential amino acids. Is there any juice has all 20 amino acids? 8. Rich in pH balancing plants that support the bones and the immune system! Is there any other juice with as many ph balancing plants? 9. Rich in super botanicals and polyphenols that support eye, vision and even prostate health as well as helping the body avoid premature aging. How many juices are there on the market that can support prostate health? 10. Rich in nutrients that promote cell regeneration, oxygenation 11. Rich in powerful nutrients that support gastrointestinal and colon health! Name any juice that does this better than aloe vera? 12. Rich in powerful nutrients that promote cellular energy, stamina 13. Supports cardiovascular health and circulation. 14. Supports joint mobility, flexibility and strength. What juice doe 15. Supports anti inflammation nutrition. 17. Contains specific nutrients chosen to help the body suppress the appetite, arguably much more efficiently than Hoodia. (Our 72 ionic minerals originate from several ancient plant deposits (ancient, organic plant compost) that are thousands of years old - minerals rich in fulvic acid and organic carbon). Name any product that can suppress the appetite as good as Hoodia? We have something here that perhaps does it better! 18. Wonderful nutrition for lactating Moms! Mothers have used aloe for many years to help promote breast milk. (Remember, to always consult with your Doctor if you are pregnant or before undertaking a new diet, taking new supplements or engaging a new exercise program). 19. Supports and promotes memory, concentration and reflexes. What juice out there today helps promote a good memory? 20. Promotes a feeling of calmness, happiness and good health. 21. The ingredients in the “Cleanse for Life Superjuice” are supported by literally thousands of independent studies. There are about 30 times more studies done on alfalfa and aloe than mangosteen, noni, seabuckthorn, GAC, acai, amla, denali and gogi combined. Now that’s got to tell you something right there! 22. Rich in botanicals that support collagen and elastin health! What 23. Rich in organic carbon, ionic acid (fulvic), organic iron, copper, manganese, potassium, calcium as well as vitamins A, B, C, E, folic acid, vitamin K and perhaps the most powerful antioxidant for the heart known to man, CoQ10. 24. Vitamin B-12 is perhaps one of the most important vitamins, especially for women. It is only available in meat. There are about 4 plants that have measurable vitamin B-12, aloe vera and alfalfa are two of those plants. Can you find vitamin B-12 in any of those other juices! 25. Adaptogens can be very expensive and most companies don’t put them in their products. Isagenix does because they know the damage that can be caused by stress. Adaptogens help to control stress! Can you find adaptogens in those other juices? I don’t think so! 26. Aloe and alfalfa is rich in saponins and sterols (studies have shown that saponins help promote cholesterol health and sterols promote prostate health). 27. Many studies have shown that several of the ingredients in the “Cleanse for Life Superjuice” help promote libido. 28. Studies have shown that the ingredients in the “Cleanse for Life Superjuice” help promote and balance “brain chemicals”. Do those exotic juices do anything for the brain at all? I doubt it! 29. The “Cleanse For Life Superjuice” has a specific blend of juices extracted from Bilberries, Blueberries and Raspberries - juices that may help protect you from the electromagnetic fields emitted from your computer. These berries have incredible ORAC values! 30. The “Cleanse for Life Superjuice” comes in a 32 ounce bottle – not a 26 ounce bottle like most other juices – you get almost 25% more juice than most other juice products. That’s a beautiful thing when you consider how much more it costs to produce just one bottle of the “Cleanse for Life Superjuice!” We don’t have a juice with a predominant isolate ingredient that addresses a particular symptom of concern, what we have here is a synergistic combination of some of the earth’s most precious botanicals, harvested at specific times of the year and carefully processed and blended into an “evolutionary” product – CLEANSE FOR LIFE – The Superjuice for the 21st Century! Yes indeed! The “Cleanse for Life Superjuice” evolved from the inadequacies of the many other juices that do not address cleansing for the body. All the ingredients in our “Cleanse For Life Superjuice” are proven safe having been used by man for over 3,500 years. Isagenix is constantly pursuing the new, the unique and the extraordinary. “Cleanse for Life” is the result of that effort and that passion. There is no other juice like it on earth and there probably won’t be for another 20 years. This is why Isagenix remains the “World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing.” Imagine more energy and stamina than you have ever had before in your life! Imagine feeling better than ever before in your life! Imagine looking better than ever before in your life! Imagine living a long healthy life free of ill health! Imagine beautiful skin, vibrant healthy hair and long, healthy fingernails! Imagine having alert, healthy eyes and an alert, healthy brain. Can you imagine enjoying all these
wonderful health benefits for just
$2.18 a day!


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