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Winter 2012
bicycle/pedestrian access between Nehalem Bay State Park and the downtown area, including In November, the Manzanita City Council adopted bicycle parking facilities in the downtown area. four major goals for 2012. Although these goals are similar to the ones developed by the Council CITY COUNCIL LOOKING FOR
last year, they have been refined to recognize what YOUR ADVICE
already has been accomplished and what still needs to be done. The following are the City What should the City do with the fire station building now that the police department is the only occupant? What issues are there with on-street parking in residential areas, and how do they pursuing the following goals, the City of differ in winter and summer? Given the needs for Manzanita City Council is committed to informing building new or updated road, water and storm and listening to residents, second homeowners and drainage facilities, what is the best way to pay for businesses in identification of and solutions to these necessary improvements? How do we deal community issues. The Council invites and with mandated improvements to City Hall? development of City programs and services. These are some of the questions the City Council plans to address in the next few months. They were identified during the Council's goal setting utilizing City-owned buildings and determine the workshops. The City is in the process of setting long term location of City Administration and up a series of town hall meetings to explain these issues and seek ideas from the community on how to deal with them. The first town hall workshop is tentatively scheduled for mid-February, and range and strategic planning process for capital details on date, time and place will be provided on improvements of the following components of the City website and in the local newspapers as Manzanita’s infrastructure (in priority order): a. Storm drainage; b. Water lines; c. Street improvements. Such process shall begin with These town hall meetings are intended to provide public education and input, and examination of the Council with an opportunity to listen to alternate sources of revenue to support capital community concerns and ideas rather than to explain one recommended course of action. Your thoughts and advice are important. Residents, second home owners and business owners are residential parking needs and issues, and if encouraged to participate in the town hall necessary, develop an implementing ordinance for GRANT FUNDING AWARDED FOR
map for visitors. However, residents and second LANEDA AVENUE IMPROVEMENTS
homeowners who don’t rent their homes are encouraged to keep the same information readily The City has been awarded a $50,000 Special City available in their houses. Many local volunteers Allotment grant by the Oregon Department of spent a great deal of time compiling information to Transportation to help cover the costs of keep all of our residents and visitors safe during improving Laneda Avenue between Highway 101 an emergency. The City encourages everyone to and Division Street. The City plans to coordinate keep this information handy in case a disaster its efforts with the planned improvements to Highway 101 between Manzanita Avenue and Neahkahnie Creek now scheduled to be completed You can download the information sheet and a in 2013. This section of Laneda Avenue is tsunami inundation map from the City website— currently a County road, but the City is expected—or ask for one at City to assume control and responsibility for the road Hall. On the City website, go to Forms & Maps, and then scroll down to Short Term Rental Packet to find Emergency Information and Tsunami While no specific design has been finalized, the improvements are expected to be new pavement, curbs and storm gutters, and a sidewalk on one ELECTED OFFICIALS
side. The City plans to work with adjacent property owners and other public agencies over the next several months to develop specific plans for the improvements. These improvements will be designed to match the improvements made to Linda Kozlowski, Ray Scales, and Mike Scott Laneda Avenue west of Division Street in 2004. HOLIDAYS
January 16, 2012 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day Recent changes to short term rental regulations require that each rental house have a list of emergency information and a tsunami inundation The City of Manzanita is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. WHAT DO YOU THINK? The Manzanita City Council and staff are interested in your comments on City
programs and issues. Please send us a note or use this form as you wish: City of Manzanita, PO Box 129,
Manzanita, OR 97130-0129; fax to 1-503-368-4145; or email to:
TO: MANZANITA CITY COUNCIL: Here is what I think about ____________________________________


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