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SP Process Development AB Boosts Its Catalyst Screening with
Chemspeed’s CATSCREEN 96

June 2013, SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden / AUGST, Switzerland - "The Chemspeed CATSCREEN 96 is a real
workhorse with a capacity to run many hundreds of reactions per week. It enables us to rapidly generate and
evaluate large numbers of catalysts for important transformations such as asymmetric hydrogenations and
cross-couplings", Dr. Per Ryberg, Senior Scientist Catalysis, from SP Process Development states, "Thanks to
its unique capabilities, reliability and ease of use, the CATSCREEN 96 enables us to run entire sequences
involving: generation of catalysts from precursors, addition of substrates / reactants, reaction at up to 80 bar
pressure and sample preparation, fully automated and unattended. We use it for both catalyst screening and
reaction optimization and work that would take several weeks to do manually can be done in a few days on the
robot." Read more >>>
ChemCatChem, Volume 4, Issue 12, 2082–2089

High Throughput Screening of a Catalyst Library for the Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of
Heteroaromatic Ketones: Formal Syntheses of (R)-Fluoxetine and (S)-Duloxetine
Elina Buitrago, Helena Lundberg, Hans Andersson, Per Ryberg, Hans Adolfsson

A total of 21 amino acid based ligands including hydroxy amide, thioamide, and hydroxamic acid functionalities, ,
were combined with [Ru(p-cymene)Cl] and [RhCp*Cl], and used as catalysts for the asymmetric transfer
hydrogenation of four different heteroaromatic ketones in 2-propanol. The reactions were performed on a
Chemspeed automated high-throughput screening robotic platform. Optimal catalysts were identified for the
individual heterocyclic substrate classes. Based on these results, the formal syntheses of the antidepressant
drugs (R)-fluoxetine and (S)-duloxetine were conducted using these optimum catalysts in the key step, which
results in high isolated yields (94 %) and excellent product enantioselectivities (>99 % ee) of the 1,3-amino
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