ensure complete saturation of the surface. Apply enough L2-Lithium™ to keep the surface wet for 20 minutes. Let the surface dry.
FINAL RESULTS Floor is ready for traffic and use when dry. Typical drying time is 1-2
For an increased immediate shine, water repellency,
chemical and stain resistance, clean floor thoroughly, apply an additional light top-coat of L2-Top Coat – Dust Proofer -Hardener, Sealer and Densifier. Allow the L2-Top Coat to dry overnight and then burnish with a high speed propane buffer equipped with black pad, followed by a red pad. Burnishing with a black pad followed by a red pad will increase reflectivity on smooth surfaces more quickly. Second applications are WATER-BASED - V.O.C. COMPLIANT – HIGH SOLIDS rarely needed; however, if the concrete is very porous or if a quicker sheen is desired, apply a second application with the following procedure: Lightly mist the surface with PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
L2 Top Coat then spread evenly with a lamb’s wool applicator or a soft broom, and let L2 LITHIUM is a scientific formulation of an interactive solution of Lithium dry. Additional information on L2 Top Coat can be found on the website: www.chem- and Silicone resulting in state of the art performance. L2 LITHIUM Treatment is a unique and proven formulation that works within the CLEAN UP Use water to clean tools and equipment. L2-Lithium™ treatments are
molecular structure of the concrete - thus increasing its hardness and environmentally friendly and do not require special handling or hazardous disposal structural protection. L2 LITHIUM is ideal for hardening concrete surfaces; and for Architectural Concrete where a low luster finish is desired, along MAINTENANCE Routine sweeping, mopping, washing and mechanical scrubbing of
with superior performance as compared with other industry standard floors with mild conventional cleaners and detergents –or water is recommended.DO products. L2 LITHIUM has proven to be more effective than Sodium and NOT USE acidic cleaners to maintain the floor. Although L2 Top Coat is chemically Potassium Silicate blends. L2 LITHIUM will also help lock in Color Dyes resistant and helps reduce staining, this application in specific chemical environments and Reactive Stain Colors applied to the concrete surface. and in some acidic concentrates may etch the surface causing a residual stain. If BENEFITS
unsure, contact a Chem-Coat Industries Technical Representative. Regular • One Component • V.O.C. Compliant • Non-Yellowing • U.V. Resistant • maintenance and cleaning will improve the surface shine and appearance. Use a non- Long Lasting • Easier Maintenance • Proven Quality • Easy to Apply • citric based degreaser and regular mopping for scrubbing the floor. This will prolong Helps Prevent Dusting • Never Needs Reapplication after Initial the life of the floor surface, and over time will increase the sheen (reflectivity.) Wipe up any chemical spills as soon as possible.

L2-Lithium™ concrete treatment is available from through Certified Contractors, Concrete: New & Old; Most Masonry Surfaces; Architectural Concrete; Licensed Applicators, or by arrangement through Chem-Coat Industries. For the name Warehouse/Manufacturing Facilities; Arenas; Vertical Concrete Surfaces, and contact information of your nearest L2-Lithium™ Certified Contractor -or Applicator, contact Technical Services at (800) 511-2769. Factory “Certified TECHNICAL DATA
Contractor” or “Licensed Applicator” contact information is available on request. POLISHED CONRETE CONSTRUCTION APPLICATIONS
L2-Lithium™ (General application instructions) Review technical information and application guidelines for Decorative Polished Concrete (available on request) before using L2-Lithium. Example for Illustrative purposes: L2 Lithium may be applied immediately after all surface prep/grinding is completed, generally at the 100 to 120 Resin-Bond Diamond level. Continue with Resin-Bond Diamond passes (220-400; 600-800; 1800–3500) depending on the specified level of top-coat sheen [reference Chem-Coat Industries Polished Concrete Specification data for further information]. AVAILABILITY
Generally, the higher the resin-bond diamond level – the result will be a higher 1-Gallon Units, 5-Gallon Units, 55-Gallon Drum sheen/gloss finish. First, clean floor thoroughly to remove any dust from prep/grinding. SURFACE PREPARATION Do a smal test in an inconspicuous area
Second, apply L2-Lithium™ with a spray bottle or pump up sprayer, and then spread before project application to assure compatibility of al products. If you evenly with a micro fiber mop. Allow to dry then repeat if necessary. Do not allow the application of the L2-Lithium™ product to “pool” on floor. The product may turn have any questions regarding application of the product please call CCI - white when applied too heavy, or if any pooling of the applied product is allowed. 1-800-511-2769. The surface must be clean from all contaminates, oil, IMPORTANT: Applicator and Specifier of Chem-Coat Industries products must verify
that the most current versions of L2-Lithium™ Product Data Sheets and MSDS are L2 LITHIUM can only react with clean concrete. being used. Read all current information prior to use. Call Customer Service (800-511- APPLICATION PROCEDURES & INSTRUCTIONS Application by spray, roller or
2769) to verify the most current versions, or visit the website at brush to new or old concrete (Always tests each concrete surface for suitability and Proper application is the responsibility of the user. Field visits by Chem-Coat desired results. Let surface dry before inspection and approval of desired Industries personnel are for the purpose of making technical recommendations only and not for supervising or providing quality control on the jobsite. FRESHLY PLACED (NEW) CONCRETE L2-Lithium may be applied to newly
placed concrete immediately after final finish trowels, and can be used as an LIMITED WARRANTY: Chem-Coat Industries Inc. warrants that, at the time and place of product effective curing compound. It does not however, form a membrane as described in shipment, our material will be of good quality and will conform to CCI’s published specifications in ASTM C 309. Immediately after the finish troweling operation use a low pressure or force on the date of the acceptance of the order. DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is HVLP sprayer to apply L2-Lithium™ to form an even, consistent, monolithic included for illustrative purposes only and, to the best of our knowledge, is accurate and reliable. Chem-Coat Industries Inc. cannot however under any circumstances make any guarantee of results glistening sheen, and to insure complete saturation of the surface. Apply enough L2- or assume any obligation or liability in connection with the use of this information. As Chem-Coat Lithium™ to keep the surface wet for 20 minutes. Let the surface dry. (Usually 1 to 2 Industries Inc. has no control over the use to which others may apply its products, it is recommended hours). If desired, follow with an ASTM C-309 approved curing compound that the products be tested to determine if they are suitable for a specific application; and/or that application. If applying to concrete after sawing, curing or bond breaker application, information is valid in a particular circumstance. Responsibility remains with the architect or thoroughly clean the substrate so that it is free of all foreign materials such as bond engineer, contractor and owner for the design, application and proper installation of each product. breakers, curing agents, form release oils, dust, construction laitance, drywall The specifier and/or user shall determine suitability of products for specific application and assume
all responsibilities in connection therewith. Such as caution slippery floor signs, rubber safety
residue etc. After cleaning, apply L2-Lithium™ as directed above. boots and all other appropriate safety measures. Keep all public and all other trades off the floor
TILT-UP CONSTRUCTION APPLICATIONS L2-Lithium™ may be applied until work is completed. The application area should be roped off to prevent any traffic on the floor
immediately after the finishing process is completed; then a wet-cure or bond breaker/curing material may be applied over the application per the curing material or bond breaker manufacturer's instructions. When a curing compound must be CHEM-COAT INDUSTRIES, INC. Tel: 972-485-8648; 1-800-511-2769 FAX: 972-485-0339 applied to freshly placed concrete, use a water dissipating non-resin/ non-membrane forming curing compound. Prior to applying the bond breaker, use the above procedure, then apply bond breaker as the curing agent on top of the L2-Lithium™ treatment.
L2-Lithium™ may be applied to existing, cured
concrete of any age (Minimum Cure is 28 Days) All surfaces must be clean and
sound. Mechanically remove any surface laitance and patch or fix cracks and
damaged areas. Completely remove all membrane forming curing compounds,
sealers, coatings, paint, oil, grease, dirt, dust and other containments. It is
recommended to thoroughly clean the surface with a black scrubbing pad (light
abrasion) and a neutral pH detergent. Etching of the surface with an acidic solution is
NOT recommended, because it requires a thorough rinsing process using a neutral
pH cleaner to effectively neutralize the entire surface (if not properly neutralized, the
pH condition may cause whiting). For best results, clean the surface by sanding the
floor with a 60-100 grit sanding screen or diamond abrasive pad. Remove dust and
residue with a riding or walk-behind “scrubber” utilizing water or broom, then water
rinse and squeegee surface dry. Use a low pressure or HVLP sprayer to apply L2-
Lithium™ so as to form an even, consistent, monolithic glistening sheen and to


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