Welcome To My Never Seen Weight loss Report
Here is the report I promised and I'm sorry to say I'm going to over deliver on my report which means more reading for you. if you want to make “Firstly A little House Work”
As you will see, there will be diet plans, work outs and caloric values of a whole bunch
of foods of which can be purchased at any good supermarket.
Although I'm not Into counting calories it is good to know from the start what some
things are really worth in terms of Calorie numbers, also some of this Research was
undertaken by a Doctor friend of mine so some of this Info is pretty Heady so skip what
is not relevant.
I have many types of Dieters on Board at al levels and every ones requirements are
“Finally, I Hope you see some value in this and stay with me on your weight loss
journey, I real y mean it I'm here to help. its a buzz getting Folks to change the way
they think ! ” .
***** Special Report On Low Carb Diets Must Read. ******
Potential Problems with Low Carbohydrate Diets Such as Atkins
Traditional low carbohydrate diets such as the Atkins diet have been touted as rapid
means for weight loss. These diets have been criticized on several grounds. Firstly a
strictly low carbohydrate food pattern limits the intake of certain food groups which can
be important sources of nutrients such as the B-vitamins, calcium and potassium.
Adopting such an eating plan may lead to a reduced fiber and fruit intake in the long
term. The low fiber content of these diets may lead to various intestinal problems. Fiber
has been implicated in improved intestinal health and a reduction in certain cancers
such as bowel cancer.
These diets are also relatively low in fruit. Although the health benefits of fruits are not
fully understood, their rich nutrient and anti-oxidant content should not be
Diets such as Atkins tend to be high in saturated fat. This type of fat is associated with
an increase in blood cholesterol levels which is associated with an increased risk of
heart disease.
Although short-term studies have shown no adverse effects on blood cholesterol in
groups following the Atkins regime, there are some individuals whose blood cholesterol
has increased drastical y.
The high protein content of these diets may in fact be detrimental to long-term health.
One important concern is that these diets tend to promote increased calcium excretion
from the body and thus a negative calcium balance.
This is particularly dangerous for those who are not consuming adequate amounts of calcium. Since Atkins does not recommend milk and some other dairy products, the calcium intake amongst some individuals may be very much compromised. In addition, the high amounts of processed meats on these diets increases sodium intake which is also known to increase calcium excretion and thus potentially have a negative effect on bone health.
Therefore a modification of the Atkins-type regime would be recommended to ensure safe long-term weight loss. This would include the addition of some low glycaemic, high fiber carbohydrates e.g. legumes, the replacement of saturated fat with the more healthful mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, the addition of rich sources of calcium, and a wider range of acceptable fruits and vegetables.
Weight Loss tips and Caloric Values
If you cant recognize some of the food brands just use a similar comparison or even
find out for your self
Contrary to popular belief, the amount of energy you expend does not change if you eat
2 meals a day compared to 5 meals.
Meal frequency works more on the intake side of things. If you have a mid-morning and/
or a mid afternoon snack then you may be less likely to over-eat.
If three main meals per day suit you, then carry on this way and see how you feel.
If you have a weak time, at say 4pm, where you are likely to over-eat, introduce a
suitable mid afternoon snack to your eating regimen.
Some well-chosen snack foods can really make a difference in terms of weight loss.
Some snack foods can be very high in calories.
High calorie

Lower Calorie
Treat snacks
Every now and then, if you feel like something sweet, don't feel guilty! Enjoy the
following snacks every so often. It is good to share these snacks with someone else:
• Share a chocolate bar • 20 jel y beans • Half a packet of M&Ms • 5 marshmal ows A Variety of Snacks
I Energy Content (KJ)

Dried Fruit and Nuts
Crackers and Cheeses/Spreads
4 water crackers
Brie/Camembert4 water crackers with 30g Edam cheese6 rice crackers with 30g Brie cheese 550 1/2 can of tinned fruit in natural fruit Snack Bars/Muesli Bars
3 Gingernuts
Dairy Products
marshmal owsCup of tea/coffee with trim milk Miscellaneous
Ice-creams and Ice-blocks
Fruju Pulp Fusion (87g)
Protein Drinks and Meal
Red8 Three Protein Food (30g
****Please note that the energy content of these snacks may differ between brands. Read the food label for exact amounts***. Protein-based foods
Protein-based foods can fill you up and satiate you for longer. Some examples of some
higher protein snacks include:
• Yogurt nuts fruit smoothies milk-based drinks • Yogurt drinks tuna salmon lean meat • Eggs low fat cheese dairy food beans/legumes Red8 trim Red8 pancakes Reducing the Fat and Energy Content of Meals
Choose foods that are relatively low in fat
• Cut visible fat from meat • Choose low fat dairy products eg. Trim milk, lite-blue milk, low fat yogurt • Use natural yogurt in recipes in place of cream • Use yogurt as a dressing for salads and pastas. Even try natural yogurt on baked potatoes instead of sour cream. You may be surprised! • Try tomato-based pasta sauces in place of creamy sauces • Use lite evaporated milk in place of cream for curry recipes • Use lite evaporated milk with 2 drops of coconut essence in place of coconut • Use ricotta and cottage cheese in recipes • Use oil sprays • Filo pastry is an excel ent low fat substitute for both sweet and savory pastries. Use the spray oils in conjunction with filo pastry • Watch your serving sizes of pasta and rice • In dishes such as lasagne's, try and use less cheese and pasta than the recipe Some fats are better than others in terms of their effects on heart health. The best types
of fats are mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. Good sources of these are:
Mono-unsaturated fat Polyunsaturated fat
• Avocado Sunflower oil • Olive oil Safflower oil • Canola oil Nuts and seeds • Nuts and seeds Fish (eg. salmon and tuna) • Linseed Key Supplements
Broad-based multi-vitamin/mineral formula to ensure trace elements essential to
optimal functioning and wellbeing are met.
2) As al fats are often reduced in a weight loss program, supplementation of omega-3
and omega-6 essential fatty acids (required by the body through diet) is important.
Flaxseed oil is a good option.
3) Chromium picolinate helps ensure the proper functioning of insulin, which provides
optimal muscle and fat metabolism. It increases insulin sensitivity, which plays a role in
maintaining optimum blood sugar levels, encouraging food-induced thermo-genesis and
helps reduce sugar cravings. Also helpful for regulating energy levels at mid morning
and mid afternoon, when blood sugar levels are low and sweet cravings kick in.
4) Thermogenic Formulas can effectively speed up slow metabolisms and increase
energy. They stimulate the central nervous system, increasing heat energy in the body
(facultative thermo-genesis). Common stimulants used are citrus aurantium (most
effective contains 6-10 synephine), caffeine, guarana, green tea, ginger root, cayenne
powder, white willow bark. The alkaloid compounds react with the central nervous
system and adrenal glands, which may stimulate the release of neurotransmitters and
hormones (e.g. adrenaline) and facilitate fat loss. Many also contain fat mobilizing
compounds and compounds that metabolize carbohydrates more quickly.
5) HMB Stack is recommended to maximize muscle recovery and optimize muscle
glutamine stores.
6) Protein powders
Protein Synthesis
The effect exercise has on muscle growth only occurs if muscle protein synthesis
(protein metabolized) exceeds protein breakdown. There must always be a positive
protein balance. After resistance exercise, muscle responds to protein metabolism for
24 - 48 hours. Obviously muscle growth and recovery is determined by diet during that
Timing of post workout meal
One study showed the anabolic (muscle growth) effect of a pre-workout protein meal
produced better results than a post-workout meal of protein and carbohydrate, possibly
due to greater delivery of amino acids to the muscle because of blood flow during
exercise. However, post-workout protein and carbohydrate meals are essential for
optimal recovery and growth.
Protein from Milk
Cow milk contains about 3.5% protein, made up of casein (80%) and whey (20%)
Whey Proteins
Whey proteins are natural proteins filtered from milk. Whey Protein Concentrates
(WPC) processed in New Zealand by ultra filtration are typically up to 80% protein, with
a fat content of up to 7% and carbohydrates around 8%. Whey Protein Isolates (WPI)
are typically over 90% protein and contain less than 2% fat and carbohydrates.
Isolates are produced by two methods:
1. Ultra filtration micro filtration cross flow isolates are high in protein, low in fat and
carbohydrates. They contain important protein fractions, important for many biological
functions. These include glycomacropeptides, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, BSA and
Immunoglobulins. (Note WPC also contains high levels of the most important protein
2. Ion Exchange Process runs whey protein concentrate through an ion exchange
column with opposite charges that strip fat and lactose, leaving a high percentage of
protein. This can change the pH (acid/alkaline) level two or three times, which can
destroy some biologically active fractions. However, Ion Exchange yields a higher
percentage of protein than Micro-filtered Isolates and is general y more readily
Both WPC and WPI are digested quite quickly and contain high levels of amino acids,
particularly the important branch chain amino acids. Whey protein concentrate general y
represents good value for money.
Calcium Casinate
Processed from milk by enzyme treatment. Typically greater than 90% protein and
contains less than 2% fat and carbohydrates. High in amino acids, it provides a longer
sustained release of proteins into the body.
Protein from Soy
Soy proteins provide a high quality source of protein, are free from cholesterol, and are
very low in saturated fat. The PDCAAS of 1.0 gives soy protein a quality equivalent to
casein and various animal proteins. Soy also contains high amounts of glutamine and
arginine. Glutamine deficiencies have been related to intense, strenuous exercise,
"over training syndromes", increased infection, suppressed immunity, and critical
il ness. Supplementation can help prevent these conditions.
Arginine has been shown to play a vital role in stimulating the release of growth
hormone and IGF-1. A recent study investigated the quality of soy protein in comparison
to food proteins of animal origin, and found that well-processed soy protein isolates and soy protein concentrates are essential y equivalent to those of animal proteins. As for immune status, a 1998 study at Ohio State University examined 20 healthy males during a vigorous exercise regimen supplemented with soy protein isolate or whey protein. The test subjects fed soy protein isolate showed an increase in plasma antioxidants, whereas the whey protein supplemented group did not have an increase in total plasma antioxidants. Iso-flavones, which natural y occur in soy protein isolate, were suggested as possibly being responsible for the reduced free radical production. It appears that soy protein is beneficial because of its antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties.
Protein Combining (Tri-Action Protein)
Studies show that the combination of whey proteins and casinates provides good results not achieved when either is taken on its own. While whey proteins are quickly digested and deliver amino acids immediately to the body providing protein synthesis, casinates assimilate more slowly, and provide a slower rate of protein synthesis over a longer period. Perhaps because of the sustained delivery of amino acids, studies of casinate use show a slowdown in muscle breakdown not seen with whey protein. However whey is important for performance. Utilizing the properties of soy isolate, whey protein concentrates, and calcium casinates means that Red 8 Tri-Action Protein in Delux RX, 3-Protein and Trim provides maximum benefit its by tailoring the delivery of amino acids to the muscles during and after exercise. Sports Supplements
3-Protein Food
Fem-Soy lite
Just Whey
Special Features
High quality Soy Proteins
Delicious Soy Protein The highest quality Improves fat proteins Excellent profile of Combination of fat appetite suppressant protein fractions for enzymes that Ideal For
These supplements contain no artificial sweeteners or artificial coloring which have not been proven to be safe in diets during long term use.
people fol owing this sports. High protein and cardio Key ingredients
Non GMO Soy Protein
Green Tea Extract, Cayenne, Ginger Root, Caffeine anhydrous, White Wil owbark, Chromium Picolinate, Alpha-lipoic acid, Colia Forskohlii, L-Tyrosine (22.79), fats (1.80g), Total (23.80g), fats (1.55g), (21.34g), Carbohydrates (3.79g) *Diet Combo may be recommended as a milder Thermogenic *Cutting Up is a high protein thermogenic powder alternative Weight loss Hints
Throughout my life I have been blessed with a rewarding physical and active life style which has
meant keeping my body in good shape came naturally. However with more business and family
commitments and the fast approaching four zero I have realized staying in shape now requires
some discipline and time management. Now I've been a member of a gym for 10 years or more
and can honestly say I don't train everyday and at times I may take 1-2 months off without
setting foot in the door.
I have a simple regime when I feel I'm getting out of shape I train intensely in the gym for a
period of 6-12 weeks. With each resistance workout less than 40 minutes. For me there is a life
outside the gym I want my results to come fast. I use the 80:20 nutrition program eating
philosophy and some sport supplement stacking to give me faster results. Whether weight loss or
muscle gain, the more muscle tone (muscle to fat ratio) your body produces the easier it becomes
to stay in shape. It's quite simple toned muscle on either men or women burns more body fat!! I
have a number of friends who have always asked me to write a nutrition program and training
program for them.
There are 5 principles I have lived my life by.
They are very applicable to taking on this program.
• Having a challenge. • Having a plan (to reach your goal), program. • Time Frame. • Commitment to complete it. • Rewarding yourself upon completion. The most effective way to lose body fat and tone those muscles up is by combining a resistance (weight bearing) and cardio program. This type of exercise stimulates the body to produce more toned muscle which ultimately breaks down stored fat and burn fatty acids from the blood. Muscle tissue plus exercise = burnt calories. One of the aims of this program is to increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (the rate at which energy is expended by the body during rest). Supplementation can also help speed up your metabolic rate as well as provide the stimulus for muscle recovery and growth. For best results combine with the 80:20 programme.
Introductory Fitness & Maintenance Plan
Programme #1 Day One
Do each exercise for 2 sets
15-20 reps (option - Swiss ball wall squat).
As many as possible (option bench or S/ball press up).
15-25 each leg (option using dumbbells).
12-15 reps (option using dumbbells).
Program #1 Day Two
Do each exercise for 2 or 3 sets
Step Ups
Program #1 Day Three
Do each exercise for 2 or 3 sets
Barbell lunges
*NB 2 minute rest intervals may be required for people with lower fitness levels eg. 20 minute Power-walk then one minute run, one minute walk x 5 - then 10 minute warm down To lose weight I recommend Visiting this site Meal plan 5.5MJ - 6MJ
Examples of Meal Plans: 5500-6000KJ (1315-1435kcal)

Mid-morning snack
Mid-morning snack
Mid-afternoon snack
Mid-afternoon snack
Total Energy
1435 6000 Total Energy
1370 5725
Mid-morning snack
Mid-morning snack
1/2 tin of tinned fruit in natural fruit Mid-afternoon snack
Mid-afternoon snack
1 serve chicken tonight life 120 500 large salad Total Energy
1416 5920 Total Energy
1313 5490
For more Health & Weight Loss Information Visit us Vege Meal Plan 5.5MJ - 6MJ
Examples of Meal Plans: 5500-6000KJ (1315-1435kcal)

Mid-morning snack
Mid-morning snack
Mid-afternoon snack
Mid-afternoon snack
316 1320 large omelet filled with mushrooms 239 1000 Total Energy
1409 5890 Total Energy
1344 5620
Mid-morning snack
Mid-morning snack
100g can of tuna in spring- 127 530 3 Red8 high protein pancakes 1/2 tin of tinned fruit in natural fruit Mid-afternoon snack
Mid-afternoon snack
Total Energy
1328 5550 Total Energy
1292 5400

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