STATE OF CALIFORNIA - HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY The Maximum Family Grant (MFG) Rule for Recipients of Cash Aid
The MFG Rule:
Your maximum aid payment (MAP) will not go up to include a child born to your family, if any
member of your family got cash aid for the 10 months in a row right before the child’s birth.
This rule applies to any member of your family, including any child who becomes
a parent.

Cash aid will not go up when:
You or any adult on the case have gotten cash aid for ten months in a row before the baby is born.
Your child has gotten cash aid for ten months in a row before he or she has a baby.
Any of your children got cash aid for ten months in a row before the baby is born, even if you are not getting cash aid foryourself.
This baby will still be eligible for:
Other CalWORKS benefits, such as child care when the parents goes to work.
Child support payments for the new baby will be paid to your family and will not be counted as income for cash aid.
The MFG rule will not apply:
If your family was off cash aid for at least two months in a row during the 10 months before the birth of the child.
Once the whole family has been off cash aid for 24 months in a row, or the baby goes to live with someone else.
If no adult in your family received written notice of the MFG rule at least ten months before the birth of the child.
When a parent, whose MFG child was born while the parent was a minor, becomes head of his/her own Assistance Unit. Example:Selena gets aid for herself and her 17-year-old daughter, Rose. If Rose has a baby while on aid, thefamily's grant will not go up if the MFG rule applies. When Rose turns 18 or moves out, she can apply for aid for herselfand her baby.
To a baby born to someone who gets aid for children but not for herself or himself, if the person is not the parent of the children getting aid. Example: if an aunt gets CalWORKs only for her niece and then the aunt has her own baby, the MFG rule will not apply to the aunt’s baby.
If the child was conceived because of rape or incest. You must report the rape or incest no later than three months afterthe birth of the child to a: medical or mental health professional; or social services agency; or law enforcement agency.
In the case of incest, you do not need to report if paternity has been established.
If the child was conceived because of the failure of one of these kinds of birth control: IUD (an intrauterine device), Norplant, Depo-Provera or You must give medical proof of any failure of a listed birth control method.
I have read this notice or have had it read to me, and I understand that I will not get more cash
aid for a baby born ten months after my family goes on cash aid. This may include babies
born to myself or my child.

I understand that I must explain this rule to any family member of any age who can get
pregnant or become a parent, and I understand that the rule applies whether or not I explain it
to my minor child, spouse, or the other parent of the child.


Source: http://www.c-iv.net/cw2102.pdf

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