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Information for PBC Summer Camp Tour Choir Each summer the Phoenix Boys Choir begins its season with Summer Camp in the cool pines of northern Arizona. This year, the Tour Choir will be at a new location: Prescott Pines. The camp experience of intensive rehearsals and communal recreation establishes an important foundation for the extensive training, performances and touring to come. Please review this packet carefully as some registration, payment and schedule information has changed Camp is MANDATORY for membership in Tour, Town & Cadet Choirs.
Camp is a vital part of the Phoenix Boys Choir program which:

Establishes a strong musical foundation for the season to come
Gives each choir a head start on music to be performed in the fall
Helps develop the personal maturity and responsibility
Tour Choir Camp Dates in Prescott:
Friday July 26 - Saturday August 3
Town Choir Camp Dates in Prescott:
Monday July 29 - Saturday August 3
Cadet Choir Camp Dates in Prescott:
Friday July 26 - Sunday July 28
Camp Cost: Camp fees are now included in the annual assessment. Registration: Registration forms and all notarized medical documentation due to the office by the close of business on July 11, 2013
Payment: Camp Fees are built into the annual assessment. Look for your annual statement later in June. Departure: Choir parents will need to drop their boys off at the Phoenix Boys Choir Building, arriving no later than 8:00 a.m. on Monday. The PBC has arranged a Bus to transport the boys back and forth to camp. Boys will need to bring a sack lunch & water for the bus ride. Contact: Parents are encouraged to send letters to Camp. Prescott Pines, 855 E. Schoolhouse Gulch Rd. Prescott, AZ, 86303. Please add your sons name and PBC to the address.
Boys are encouraged to write home, but may not call or have visitors except in case of
emergency and the final performance at the choir building on Saturday the 3rd.

School: Please request a “Dear Educator” letter if your son’s school begins prior to August 2. Completion of homework during camp IS possible. Please contact your Director if you have
any questions or concerns.
Return: Parents will need to pick up their boy from the PBC building, 1131 E Missouri at 5pm on Friday the 2nd. Boys will have an additional camp day on Saturday the 3rd at the PBC building from 9-4. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Uniform will be polo shirt and nice jeans. A performance will take place on Saturday the 3rd at 3:30pm for Tour Choir. Your boys will be released after their performance. Directions: 1131 East Missouri, Phoenix, AZ 85014 South west corner of 12th street and Missouri Ave. Please keep this sheet for your reference. Packing list and Schedule on next page. 1131 E. Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ Packing List and Schedule for PBC Summer Camp Please bring the following to Camp:
Flashlight – Camp is dark at night Electronic Equipment
Sleeping Bag or Sheets, Blankets and Pillow Pre-recorded tapes, CDs, CD players, electronic games, cell phones, PDA’s, MP3 players IPods, IPads etc. are not allowed. Sneakers – For safety no sandals Oversized Suitcases
Sweater or Jacket – Evenings are cool Boys must be able to carry their own luggage Towels, Washcloth, Shower shoes, Soap and Roll on or Stick Deodorant – No aerosol Boys do not need to bring any money to camp. Snacks are provided once a day and are already included in your camp fees. *Blue Jeans or Pants – Evenings are cool Valuable Personal Items
We discourage bringing expensive personal items which may be lost or damaged. Food and Drink
The good eating habits of a working choirboy are as important as thorough musical preparation. Plus, this will attract animals into your rooms! Example Camp Schedule
Medication- All necessary medications should
Schedule may change to accommodate individual choir needs be labeled and will be kept at the infirmary and 7:45 am . Flag Raising & Breakfast Line Up Town and Tour – Music or Props for
Boys should have a DIFFERENT outfit for each
day. Camp is warm and active – clothing can
seldom be worn twice. Please pack enough!
* Tour Choir pack for 8 days, 7 Nights
* Town Choir Pack for 5 days, 4 Nights
* Cadet Choir Pack for 3 days, 2 Nights

6:00 pm . Evening Rehearsal 7:30 pm . Evening Program Label everything with boy’s full name
(Including socks, luggage, towels, etc.)
All boys must shower once a day with soap and shampoo!!!
1131 E. Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ Family Information
____________________________ Registration Information
By signing below, we agree that:
Drop off- Our son will be at The Phoenix Boys Choir building no later than: Initial_______ 12:30 pm on Friday, July 26 for Tour Choir. Our son will attend the Phoenix Boys Choir Summer Camp at Prescott Pines, Initial_______ Camp in Prescott AZ, July 26- August 3 Tour choir. Pick up- at The Phoenix Boys Choir building no later than: Initial_______ 5:00 pm on Friday, August 2nd for Tour Choir. We will drop off our son Saturday August 3rd for a Day Camp from 9-4pm and we will return no later than 3:00 to listen to the parent performance at 3:30
Please return completed forms by July 11 to:
Personal Information Sheet and Heath Record Administration of Medication from Medical Kit Medical Authorization and Permission Form Forms can be mailed, dropped off or faxed to 1-267-392-3699 Questions can be directed to Jason Snodgrass 602-334-4073 or Please note, all documents are due on or before July 11th
1131 E. Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ Personal Information Sheet and Heath Record for PBC Summer Camp This information is confidential and will be used only by Phoenix Boys Choir for the purposes of: Emergency health information, Emergency calls, Association Development Contact, Concert Media Advisories Personal Information
Please List Two people whom we may contact if we are unable to reach you
My son may be given Tylenol or aspirin, if needed:
Indicate any medication your son is currently taking:
* All medication must be in the original prescription bottle from your pharmacy including your son’s name, the name of the drug, and
dosage instructions.

Health History - The Phoenix Boys Choir is only responsible for treatment/ accommodation of conditions identified below. Please
complete the health history with care.

Diphtheria-Tetanus **
** Tetanus booster must be up-to-date, within
the last 10 years.

Family Insurance
1131 E. Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ Request for Administration of Medication from Medical Kit PBC Summer Camp I authorize the administration of the following medication (s) to my student and how I typically administer said
medication to my child. No medication can be administered to your student without your initials and how
you typically administer said medication to your child at home.

Every four hours as needed for headache, sore muscles, etc DW Choirboy Name: ______________________________
Choir: ___________________
Directions on box: 1-2 tabs once daily for adults and children 12 years and over, or as directed by a doctor Children ages 6 years and older: 1 tablet every 24 hours Directions on box: children 9-11 (60-95 lbs): 1 caplet after 1st loose stool, ½ after each subsequent loose stool, not to I, the undersigned, parent/guardian of ______________________________, a minor, do hereby give consent for the above medications with my initials in the right column to be administered to the above student. I understand that the above medications are kept in the Medical Kit with the Designated First Aid Provider and will be administered by the First Aid volunteer. I understand that this authorization is given in advance of any specific complaint by my child, but is given to provide authority and power on the part of a representative of the Phoenix Boys Choir to give specific consent to administer above medications by a First Aid person in the exercise of their best judgment may deem advisable for treatment of the presented complaint. 1131 E. Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ Medical Authorization and Permission Form for PBC Summer Camp I/We, the undersigned parent(s) and/or legal custodian(s) of: Hereby grant permission for our/ my son to participate in the appropriate Phoenix Boys Choir Summer Music Camp 2013 dates listed below: Tour Choir July 26- August 3, 2013, Town Choir July 29 – August 3, 2013, Cadet Choir July 26-28 2013 The boys will be in temporary custody of Mr. Georg Stangelberger, Mrs. Dian Baker, Mr. Greg Amerind, Mrs. Stephanie Klever, Mr. Kenneth Bloomfield and alumni and staff of the Phoenix Boys Choir serving as camp counselors. In the event my/our son requires medical care, including dental during the camp, the above named temporary custodians are fully authorized and empowered to secure such medical/dental attention or care to the extent required or deemed necessary, in his/her discretion. Further, I/we agree to assume full responsibility for the costs of any and all medical attention and care to my/our son, and will reimburse the temporary custodian, the Phoenix Boys Choir Association, or any other entity or person providing such care or attention to my/our son. In consideration of any educational and musical benefits which may be realized by my child from any of the below-named organizations and individuals, and intending to be legally bound by all the terms of this document, it is agreed that the Phoenix Boys Choir, its employees and unpaid volunteers (hereafter referred to as “Choir”) shall have no responsibility in whole or in part for any loss, death, injury or damage to any person or property or for any accident, mechanical defect, failure or negligence of any nature whatsoever caused in conjunction with the camp or with any accommodations, food, transportation, facility, premises of performance or rehearsal or other services provided or utilized during the camp which is beyond control of the Choir. I further do hereby waive any and all claims, charges or damages, present and future, except for claims arising out of gross negligence, which I or my child may have against the Choir arising out of the camp. I do separately agree to indemnify and hold forever harmless any or all of said persons and/or organizations and to reimburse to any of the above named persons and/or organizations any and all expenses which may be incurred by any of them in defense of any complaint or action brought or made by any member of my family against them except for claims arising out of gross negligence. Signed by parent or legal Guardian 1131 E. Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ



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