Azalea Health Innovations Friends Newsletter - May 2009 * Welcome* Praxis EMR Version 5.0 Due Mid July 2009!* Medical Billing Tip: Billing for Injections* Azalea DrugWare™ Hello to all of our Azalea Health Innovations friends. We hope you enjoy this month's Newsletter. AHI wishes our readers a happy and prosperous spring! ----------Praxis EMR Version 5.0 Due Mid July 2009! Praxis 5 will be among the very first EHRs in the country to achieve CCHIT 2009 certification qualifying for full reimbursements under the 2009 American Recovery& Reinvestment Act.
Praxis 5 brings ePrescribing with SureScripts, the new HL7 3 standard for interoperability, as well as our most significant achievement to date; The PraxisEMR DATUM Engine, allowing unlimited query within free text.
The driving purpose behind Praxis v5 as been clinical usability, and we are confident that it's been well worth the wait! Praxis 5 has not only managed to create an upgrade that meets all the current andfuture interoperability requirements, but does so in a way that empowers you as aphysician. To learn more about Praxis 5 new features, plesae feel free to contact us anytimeat 1-877-777-7686.
----------Medical Billing Tip: Billing for InjectionsMany doctors give injections to their patients as part of treatment during an office visit but do not code or bill properly for them for reimbursement. Most injections are J-codes and have a certain set dosage amount in their definition. Keep this in mind as you are coding. For example if a physician injects 160mg of Depo Medrol then HCPCS code J1040 (INJECTION, METHYLPREDNISOLONE ACETATE, 80 MG) should be billed with 2 units. Some insurance carriers prefer each injection codeto be listed separately so if you get a denial for an injection related to units,try refiling it with J1040 listed twice with 1 unit each. Some insurance carrierslike Medicaid require the 10 digit NDC (National Drug Code) code to be listed on the claim or else it will be denied. The 10 digit code should appear without the dashes in the notes field of box 24d. For a NDC HCPCS Crosswalk list for 2009 please refer to the Resources page of our website. Also, don't forget to also bill for the administration of the injection (if applicable). The most common injection administration code is 96372 (THERAPEUTIC,PROPHYLACTIC, OR DIAGNOSTIC INJECTION (SPECIFY SUBSTANCE OR DRUG); SUBCUTANEOUS OR INTRAMUSCULAR). CPT 96372 replace CPT 90772 beginning in 2009 and it can be billed if the injection was administered by the physician or nurse with on site physician supervision. Reimbursement for this code ranges from $15 - $35 depending on the insurance payer.
Azalea DrugWare™ is a complete system that provides Third Party Administrators, Medical Review Officers and Drug Testing Facilities a Web-Portal that streamlinesdrug result reporting, billing, unified invoicing and much more.
The portal improves your drug screening business by automating day-to-day business practices and workflow, increasing productivity, enhancing laboratory resulting, and saves hours of valuable payroll expenses.
Please contact us if you would like to schedule a live demo of Azalea DrugWare™.
Azalea Health Innovations, Inc.
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