[re-typed from the letter from the patient – below is the original] I would like to thank you for changing my life. I give God the credit, but he used your hands and mind to do his work. When I met you, I was 42 years old and not aging very gracefully. I came in for some restylane and was very happy with the results. You helped make a scar less noticeable and give my face a more youthful appearance. I noticed at that time that you did hormone testing and hormone balancing. I had a hysterectomy in my early 30s so I have always try to be up to date on the latest in hormones. I am also a pharmacist of 20 years and consider myself to be an expert in hormones. I have NEVER met a doctor that knew more than I did about anti-aging and hormones. That is until I met you. I lived in Las Vegas for 10 years and dealt with some of the best endocrinologists and they do not hold a candle to you. You have a unique ability to piece it all together and I am healthier and happier for your knowledge. I have lost 15 pounds, and now ride my bike 15-20 miles 4 times per week and enjoy life much more. I have gotten off Prozac and ambien. Let me give you a few examples of how you impressed me. Ihave gone to doctors before and had my thyroid profile done. It is on the low end of normal. No other doctor would put me on thyroid medications because I was in the “normal” range. You detected, and I was aware, that I exhibited symptoms of substandard thyroid levels. As we both know, normal is a relative term. Mine needed to be a little higher to function optimally. Here’s where you blew my mind. I came back for a check up feeling better, but still exhibiting some low thyroid symptoms and my tsh (which the lower it is the better the thyroid is working) was extremely low. That was a confusing result for me. Any other doctor that I know would have lowered my Thryoid meds, but you raised them slightly. When I did some intensive research, I realized that some women can actually have very very low tsh levels but functional optimally as long as free t4 and free t3 are in normal range. I ran and got my last test results to see what you tested and what they were. Guess what?? You tested my Free t4 and free t3 and they were normal. You also balance my estrogen with natural estrogens and no more Prozac!!! You increased my progesterone and no more ambien or lunesta!!! I also brought my husband in who I discovered years ago that he had a low free testosterone even though his testosterone was normal. You switched him to compounded testosterone, added vitamin d3, and dhea. My husband turns 56 tomorrow and he rides his bike like a 20 year old. He has the muscle tone of an athlete and the stamina of a 20 year old. I don’t think people realize that doctors can not be experts in everything. It is just not possible. Endocrinologists and family doctors have their expertise in many different areas, but you Dr. Anna are an expert in hormones and anti-aging procedures. I recommend you to anybody and everybody that will listen. My patients come to pharmacy with sleeping difficulties, weight gain and depression. I send them to you. Thank you for all you have done for my family. It took a little while to get it all balanced, but it was so worth it. We are forever in your debt. [re-typed from the letter from the patient – below is the original]



Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg xx, 1e7 (xxxx)doi:10.1016/j.ejvs.2006.04.033, available online onChronic Venous Disease Treated by Ultrasound GuidedAim. To report the outcome of a series of patients with chronic venous disease due to incompetence of saphenous trunksmanaged by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy (UFS). Patients and methods. A group of 808 patients comprise this series. CEAP clinical

MEDICATION INFORMATION FOR THOSE IN RECOVERY Minor illnesses such as cough, cold, allergy, stomach and respiratory flu, while not dangerous themselves, can presentproblems for people in recovery. Numerous over-the-counter (OTC) remedies often duplicate and overlap one another in effect, andpresent the consumer with a confusing array of options. Misinformation regarding OTC drugs can be tr

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