Stop smoking resources

“I’d Rather Cope Than Smoke”Offers a “coping” packet available by mail and phone Asian Center
counseling sessions at no charge to individuals receiv- Asian approach to cessation. Call for information.
American Lung Association
Offers educational materials, smoke-free bingo, and Metropolitan Hospital
“Breather’s Club” meetings. Call (616) 942-0513.
Seven sessions, $85 per person, $150 for two.
Call (616) 247-7290 Kent County Health Department
Offers self-help information, including “Quit Kits.”
These are available free by mail. Call (616) 336-3037.
Kent County Health Department and Spectrum
Health Systems

Kent District Libraries
Seven, two-hour sessions (including an orientation Offers a large selection of self-help materials (books, session). Free program. Call (616) 391-5000 .
audio, video-tapes). Requires a library card. Availableat your local library.
Pine Rest/New StartSmoking Cessation nico-Team
Offers behavioral modification, counseling, and Offers tobacco prevention information to the commu- pharmacological support over 24 sessions. Fee for nity through educational programs. Call (616) 336- Planned Parenthood of West Michigan
Evaluation by a nurse practitioner and prescription or
recommendation for support products like Zyban,patches, etc. Includes referral to behavior change programs. Sliding fee scale. Call (616) 459-3101 • Over the counter smoking cessation products such Nicotine AnonymousStop smoking support group. Call (616) 336-2400.
• Prescription products such as Zyban, Zocor, and Habitrol. Must be obtained through a medicalcare provider.
American Cancer Society
Offers information about cessation and coupons forpharmacological products. Also has a “Fresh Start” 1-800-4-CANCER
curriculum available to the community, and facilita- tion will be provided. Call (616) 364-6121.
The Cancer Information Service has toll-free cessationmaterials and assistance.
American Heart Association
Offers referrals to local smoking cessation programs.
Smoker’s Help-line
Offers self-help information by mail. Free service.
1-800-537-5666 1-800-834-4781
Free smoking cessation line for Medicaid recipients.
Trained counselors offer seven sessions over-the-phone through the Michigan Public Health Institute. Quit Smoking Supportcompany home page.
www.quitnet.orgThe Quit Net. Free online resource and support center Born Preventive Health Care Clinic
Call for fees and information, (616) 656-3700. Arizona Center for Self- Nutt, J. Malcolm, DO
Call for information, (616) 691-8456.
www.safecoalition.orgThe SAFE (Smokefree Air for Everyone) Coalition of HYPNOSIS
Alternative Healing
Smoking cessation and stress management through
To get more information on tobacco prevention, hypnosis. Call for information and fees, (616) 874- smoking cessation, and more, call 616-336-3037. The Kent County Health Department has a variety of re-sources on available sources of smoking cessation American Institute of Hypnosis
and up-to-date research information.
Michigan Behavioral Consultants
For more information, call 616-336-3037. Pelletier, Alcid M., EDD, DAPS
(616) 453-4488 or
(616) 791-4000
The following information sources can be found onthe World Wide Web. These sites contain a variety ofinformation on tobacco and smoking cessation. Information & Prevention Source page.
www.drkoop.comFormer Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop’s infor-mation page.



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